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Adeboye's theology

The book, THEOLOGY OF ENOCH ADEBOYE: A Brief Outline of Essential Christian Doctrines

by Pastor Josiah Bolarinwa (Phd) was presented to the public on March 1 at the Redeeemed Christian Bible College Chapel of Praise. Present at the event were top church leaders and leading pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church of God including Wife of the General Overseer, Pastor Mrs Folu Adeboye.


The book was review by Pastor Prof. A. M. Aduradola. Find below the review


Adeboye's theology

It is my privilege to present a review of the book titled Theology of Enoch Adejare Adeboye authored by Pastor Josiah Akintola Bolarinwa, the Assistant Continental Overseer and Director, Research and Development Unit of the Redeemed Christina Church of God.

The book published by SOMEREST VENTURES, Ikeja, Lagos has 320 pages with ten chapters.  It presents a documented testimony of the grace of God upon Pastor E. A. Adeboye, who although never attended any theological institutes, commands divine authority derived from divine inspiration and revelation.  The totality of these divine manifestations has prompted the emergence of the concept titled “Theology of Enoch Adejare Adeboye.”

The central theme of the book is to appreciate and document the peculiarities of Pastor Adeboye on Christian doctrines.  It is reflected and equipped with appropriate theological tools.  The author identified the unique characteristics of the Theology of Adeboye on major doctrinal issues such as: Church Administration, priesthood, prosperity, holiness, evangelism, Church planting, ordination, death and resurrection.


Chapter 1 is a summary of his enviable background

The background of Pastor Adeboye indicated that he had a foundation of exposure to sound teaching of the word of God, personal discipline, and grown integrity.  His Secondary School Principal, Reverend Canon Josiah Akinyemi had a considerable religious and moral influence on him.

His Pentecostal tutelage under the prophetic office of his God-father, Reverend Josiah Akindayomi prepared him adequately for the take-off of his divine assignment.  Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye invested time and recourses for personal spiritual development.  This enabled and empowered him to effect some radical changes in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.  A striking example is the introduction of the use of musical instruments in Church services.

Notice is taken of the impacts of three Josiahs in the life of our esteemed father in the Lord.  These are Reverend Canon Josiah Akinyemi, Reverend Josiah Akindayomi, and Pastor Dr. Josiah Akintola Bolarinwa, the author of this book.

Pastor Bolarinwa (right) and a guest at the book presentation

Chapter 2 is a brief exposition on Christian Theology

The author defined Theology “as the reasoning or discussion about the sovereign Deity.”  Christian theology exposes a believer to the essential doctrines of Christian faith, that is those things that unite followers of Jesus as a divine family.  Theology as a unifying force liberates us from ignorance which can set us at variance against one another.  It reveals what the Bible teaches about our existence in relation to our environment.  The ultimate aim of theology is to provide effective leadership in the Christian Church.

Chapter 3 dwells on the peculiarities of Adeboye’s Bibliography or Biblical Theology


The author is convinced that Pastor Adeboye believes that the Bible requires rational analysis and logical interpretations.  This attribute continues to endear his teaching ministry to the heart of his numerous audiences including people from other faith.  This is because his life style  agrees with the fact that Biblical theology is not static but consistently dynamic increasing divine revelation.  His theology is revolutionary because while he recognizes the four authorities in Church governance, he refuses to submit to their outright weaknesses.  Adeboye clearly believes that whatever is the truth as presented in the Bible must be imbibed and practised without compromise.  A typical example revolves around the payment of tithes and offerings.


Chapter 4: Adeboye’s Theology

Adeboye sees God, not as a democrat but One Who rules by decrees and does not make mistakes.  His theology is rooted in the truth that faith precedes reason, although reason could be antecedent to faith.  These are communicated expressly in his ministrations both from the written Word of God and prophetic messages.


Chapter 5: Adeboye’s Christology

Adeboye’s Christology or his understanding of Jesus as the Saviour and Messiah is deep and unique.  This makes his Christology differ from many.  He believes that the Kingdom of God is primarily spiritual, thus the spiritual controls the physical.  This explains why he distances him from making political statements.

Chapter 6: Adeboye’s Pneumatology or Relationship with the Holy Spirit

Adeboye’s concept of the role of the Holy Spirit in the Church is phenomenal.  He is so passionate about the Holy Spirit that his system and practices produced the intentionally-acclaimed programmes to date.  He considers the Holy Spirit as an Indispensable Senior Partner, Who can interject his sermons by revealing secrets and effecting solutions to monumental problems.

Chapter 7: Adeboye’s Ecclesiology

Ecclesiology is the study of the Church as a living organization.  Adeboye’s Ecclesiology could not be pinned to a particular school of theology but it is valid and result-oriented.  It is more universal and all-encompassing than the individual ecclesiologies of the past.  Worthy of note are: his insistence on the second birth as a prerequisite for membership of the body of Christ, the possibility of falling away from the faith, the universality of the Church, free salvation inclusive of human responsibility, holiness as the ultimate requirement for membership of saints and holy communion as the Lord’s Supper not the Lord’s breakfast or lunch.

Chapter 8: His Understanding of Christian Living

This centres on his personal revelation that a Christian is a spiritual soldier who must know himself, know his enemy, and must be aware of the weapons of spiritual warfare.  His understanding rests largely that life is a battlefield and with the right Ally, the Almighty God, victory is certain.  Adeboye insists that this understanding demands a life of total obedience, holiness, and thanksgiving.  His teaching on wealth supports the truth that hard work and holiness are precursors to true prosperity.

Chapter 9: His Understanding of Christian Priesthood is peculiar

His teachings and practices reveal to us that his concept of Christian priesthood requires that a Christian leader must be a serving leader.  In other words “to lead is to serve.”  He believes that believers, irrespective of gender are called into special assignments and should be so ordained.  He however rates divinely commissioned assignments higher than ordination.

Chapter 10: His Concept of Eternal Destination of Mankind

Contrary to some modern-day theologians, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye affirms these  concepts regimentally:

  1. Heaven is a prepared place for prepared believers and that 
  2. Heal is real, a prepared place for the devil and unbelievers.


I wish to conclude that the book, Theology of Enoch Adejare Adeboye, is a worthy contribution to earlier volumes on Christian doctrines.  It is an excellent output that clarifies and popularizes the peculiarities of the doctrines of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.  The book is reader-friendly and is eminently recommended for reading to the rank and file of the body of Christ.

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