The hand of God and a nation in need of deliverance

by Church Times

“…But Pharaoh will not hearken unto you, that I may lay My hand upon Egypt, and bring forth Mine armies, and My people the children of Israel, out of the land of Egypt.

” And the Egyptians shall know that I am the LORD when I stretch forth Mine Hand upon Egypt, and bring out the children of Israel from among them.”- Exodus 7: 3-5, KJV.

The Hand of GOD’S manifestations in a man’s life or a group of people can be favourable and it can be otherwise depending on which side of the coin they may find or put themselves.
As revealed in the Scripture quoted above, while the manifestations of the Hand of GOD brought deliverance to the children of Israel in the land of their bondage in Egypt, it was a different ball game to those who held them captives – the Egyptians. The same Hand of GOD that brought deliverance to the Israelites brought judgement to their taskmasters.
When the Hand of GOD is favourably upon a man, a group of people or a Nation for good, it can bring divine speed, provisions, security, favour before GOD and Man and open doors where one may least expect. In other words, the breakthrough of manifold dimensions in every area of their lives will be the order of the day in their daily activities.
However, if a Man or a Society discovers that things are not working in line with their expectations despite their efforts to remedy the unpalatable situations, it may be a signal that the Hand of GOD may be working in the opposite direction against their prosperity, good security and general wellbeing as it happened in the lives of the Egyptians when the Strong Hand of GOD unleashed the 10 Plagues on them just to secure Israelites freedom – His chosen people.
At this juncture, it may be pertinent to note that our Vertical Relationship with GOD and Horizontal Relationship with our fellow humans combine to determine what may turn out to be our experience as individuals or a Nation from the manifestations of the Hand of GOD.
When, for instance, the Rulers of a Nation are self-centred and pay less attention to the general well-being of their citizens and most especially the less privileged ones, such group of Rulers may be unwittingly attracting the unfavourable manifestations of the Hand of GOD upon their lives, their children and their generations yet unborn.
In conclusion, let us be well guided so that we can use our good Contacts, Connections and privileged positions to sow good seeds into our relationship with GOD and fellow humans thereby advancing GOD’S courses on Earth and at the same time leaving good legacies for future generations.
And as individuals or Rulers who have found ourselves in privileged positions which we can use to better the lots of our families

Olakunle is the General Secretary of the National Prayer Movement/

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