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I still sucked breast at age four- Pastor Adeboye… talks of text message that “ended his sorrow”  

by Church Times

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has said he still sucked his mother’s breast even at the age of four.

Adeboye made the disclosure while preaching on Tuesday, August 9 at the ongoing 70th convention of the RCCG.

He said he was so attached to his mother because he was her last born.

“When people tried to drag me away from her breast, she would tell them to leave me alone because there was no one that would drag it with me since I was the last born.”

 Adeboye who preached on the topic “born free” however explained that breast milk is God’s super provision for the child with all the health benefits.

 The RCCG pastor made reference to his childhood to underscore the innocence of the child and how strategic that stage of life is. He said the child is innocent and capable of no sin at that early stage.


Children have no worries

“Children have no worries. They don’t care where the food will come from. But they know they will eat. They don’t pay when they travel. They are sure of the next provision. They easily forgive. They don’t have any form of bitterness.”

 He said the child has special privileges. “for the first few months you take your mother’s milk. Mother’s milk is the best food you can ever think of. One funny fellow said that breast milk is food provided by God in the most beautiful container, free of any form of contamination. The effect is supper. The effect on your body is excellent.”

 While noting that God places a special premium on children, he said “children don’t know what is called doubt. Their faith in their parent never waver. When you throw up a child, the child will be happy because the child is sure of safety.”

New babies and being born again

He however said all the privileges of being a child are lost as one grows up adding that “the life of a born-again Christian is synonymous with that of a child.”

 Quoting 2Peters 2v2, he said, “The Bible describes the born again Christian as newborn babies. The Bible encourages us to desire the sincere milk of the word of God as newborn babies. so that we may grow”

 He stated that one of the signs that one has truly repented and accepted Jesus is childlike faith.

 “For you know to know if somebody is genuinely saved, check the way the person praises God. The Bible says out of the mouth of babes God has perfected praise.

 “A genuinely born again child of God praises God with total abandon. I was in my prayer room when the choruses was going on. I looked up to see the monitor and I saw kabiyeesis (kings) dancing like children. I said father thank you that these people have finally got it. As important as we are, we are children before the king of kings.

 “Watch children when we are singing choruses, they don’t look at you, they sing, they dance and jump. They know they are praising their God.”

 Another sign of a true believer in Christ according to Pastor Adeboye is that the born-again person lives a life of total surrender to God. “Children surrender completely to the Lord. They are easy to carry. Jesus jumped to the defense of the children when the disciples were trying to send them away. That shows how important the child is”

Message that ended my sorrow-Adeboye

 Adeboye then recalled how a text message from one of his daughters in the faith terminated sadness in his life during one of the most trying times in his life.

He said, “When I was in the saddest moment of my life with so many questions. And then I knew that with the sadness some people were still laughing at me, I got a text message from one of my daughters. All she said was, Daddy, let God carry you. And that put an end to all my problems. It ended my sorrow. It renewed my faith.”

He told his listeners to allow God to carry them in their daily walk with him.

 Adeboye said, “You don’t survive because you are careful, you survive because somebody cares for you. He brought you this far, do you think he will abandon you? Throughout the period of the covid-19 pandemic I never saw a single person in my village, Ifewara wearing the mask and not a single one of them died as a result of the pandemic” Adeboye said.




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