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SOUTH AFRICA: A mission with a mileage of the miraculous

by Church Times


By our reporter

After 3 weeks and almost 15 meetings in South Africa, Apostle Tonye Oliver, Founder, Jesus heals the Sick Ministries is full of praise for the wonderful works of God in the various meetings. He left Lagos on the 17th of March by Rwandair and arrived at the Oliver Tambo Int’l airport Johannesburg in the early hours of March 18 to the warm embrace his host, Dr Ifeanyi Wosu, a specialist physician and President of Practical Christianity Ministries, an outreach ministry that he runs with his wife Lerato.
PCM conducts ministry outreaches and humanitarian services to the many refugee settlements around the Gauteng province. Dr Wosu was primarily responsible for facilitating and organizing this apostolic mission to South Africa.
The first place of ministration was God is Able Bible Church pastored by Bishop & Pastor (Mrs) Ken Davids in a place called Gaharunkawa, . It was a harvest of six souls at the meeting. But the scheduled crusade kicked off on Monday. Lives were saved on every single day of the meetings.
Oliver stated, “There was a young man who had lived an unruly life, he was hung up on drugs and gave his people all sorts of problems, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and was ministered to be freed from drugs. He was present at every service and even the week after was still coming to Church. He gave his testimony during the testimony service of how he was saved and delivered. It was only later I realized that his parents were leaders in the same Church. It was a tearful time indeed. There were several other people who came to rededicate their lives to God. All I can say is that in all the meetings, the gospel was clearly proclaimed and the response was amazing, people came back to Jesus and some others rededicated their lives to Jesus. For many it became clear, they were saved not by a doctrine but by a person, and the call was to follow that person.” Tonye said.
Beyond the salvation message several healings took place in the meetings. “We have recorded the case of a man with severe pain the stomach who was healed. A sister who suffered migraine since her childhood also was healed while child with shoulder problem was delivered. Several cases of healings from pain took place. Cases of people with depression and insomnia received the instant touch of God”
While in Garunkawa Oliver said there was an inclement weather but by midday on Thursday the weather became normal in answers to prayers. But while they were battling with rain in Garunkawa God sent rain to Cape Town where renowned evangelist Angus Buchanan was convening a special day of prayer to petition God for rain. Cape Town had been undergoing a very severe water crisis, it had not rained for months and the situation was getting desperate. But God intervened it rain in torrents on the land.
Oliver experienced yet another of God’s glory at the Faith Bible Church in Johannesburg during the Easter holidays. The church which is pastored by Pastor (Dr) Bonney Cheyip, specialist neurosurgeon and his wife.
It was at the Johannesburg meeting that the Lord confirmed again his word to South Africa stating that the country would be used mightily of God in this end time. Oliver noted that Nigeria and South Africa are the two countries in Africa that would birth the next phase of global revival.

At the meetings in Johannesburg God glorified himself touching lives and healing sick folks once again. From there he moved to Pretoria the capital of South Africa where another healing crusade took place. Rev Ben Uloko was on hand to anchor event which saw the power of God move tremendously healing the sick and comforting those who were disheartened.

And now Midrand. Midrand was the final stop on the last leg of the mission to SA and the Church was the Every Nation Church, led by Pastors Eric & Uba Bapetel, Every Nation Midrand is a part of the Every Nation Apostolic network that has Churches and campus ministries all over the world. Every Nation Midrand is a truly apostolic church that is multi racial and diverse. It’s facilities are great but more than that the worship, the ministry and the life are so vibrant.
Oliver stated, “As I prayed towards the meeting, I felt the Lord was bringing healing but on a different plane, not just physical healing but mainly alignment to his mandate for the Church.
“I got the theme of my message to the Church from John 20:21, It was yet another time with the Lord. There was no prayer for the physically sick but there was an altar call for people to dedicate themselves to a life of following Jesus and the response just like in other places was wonderful.”
Indeed, it was a refreshing time with God in South Africa. Quoting Acts 15v12-13, Apostle Oliver stated, “When all the multitude kept silent and listened to Barnabas and Paul declaring how many miracles and wonders God had worked through them among the Gentiles.” Indeed, it is time to tell the story of God’s wonder in the South Africa nation.

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