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How I handle sexual advances from ladies – MOESIX

by Church Times

Sexual advances from ladies: How I handle them -MOESIX



In this edition of PK, bring you a singing Pastor’s kid with much vibes to go around. Moses is a young and talented afro-pop musician passionate about inspiring others through his music. He hails from Ogun State and has released over 20 singles, all of which can be found on the internet. His father is a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Who is Oluwafemi Oluwatosin Moses?

Well I am a believer and a graduate of Office Technology and Management from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. I had my primary education at Goodness primary school and my secondary education at Iganmode Grammar school in Ota. I’m presently a corps member serving in Lagos State. My stage name is Moesix

We all know that everyone is born unique. What do you think differentiates you from other children?

The fact that I do what is right regardless of pressures surrounding me.

What impact did your father have in your life, that has kept you in Christ and able to focus?

My dad has always taught us about the truth which is Jesus Christ from a tender age and that has helped me with a very strong spiritual foundation.

We’ve read that many hip-hop artistes started from the church choir. Did you at any point in time join the church choir too? What genre of song do you now sing?

Yes, I have been in the Choir since I was 10. I sing Afro pop, and I’ve been singing professionally since I was 17.

Any criticism from the Church?

Yes, the church didn’t quite get that I do music to inspire, but I think they understand now.

Kanye West is now preaching Jesus. How do you also intend to tell your fans about Jesus?

A gospel song is on my extended play (EP) already. Forthwith, I’ll have a gospel song in every body of work I release.

On a lighter mood; you’re a handsome musician. As a PK, how do you cope with sexual advances from ladies?

Lol. I keep fans as fans and I do well to protect my space.

What is your greatest motivation in life?

My greatest motivation in life is God. Knowing there is a God who made me for a purpose drives me to move forward and work harder. No one wants to disappoint God now.

Any word for other pastor’s children like you going into the music world?

The word of advice is; don’t ever lose purpose, don’t follow the crowd. Sing songs that teach good morals.

You go by the stage name; Moesix. What does it mean?

I twisted my name Moses to fit into the hip world.

Okay Moesix, can you tell us your favourite Bible passage?

Matthew 7 v 7.

To download any of his songs, kindly search for ‘Moesix’ on Google and you will easily see them pop up.

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