Home News Bishop Wale Oke sends strong message to Buhari on security  says “being PFN president is call to work and to war”

Bishop Wale Oke sends strong message to Buhari on security  says “being PFN president is call to work and to war”

by Church Times


The National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Bishop Wale Oke has sent a strong message to President Mohammadu Buhari urging him to take decisive steps in securing the nation.

Bishop Oke placed a demand on President Buhari during a meeting on Tuesday with the Chairman of the Lagos chapter of the PFN, Apostle Eyinnaya Okwuonu, the Secretary, Rev Toyin Kehinde, and a host of other leaders in the chapter.

While declaring that he represents 45 million Pentecostals in Nigeria, Oke said it is time for the president to take certain far-reaching decisions to save the nation including the sack of the Inspector General of Police.

He said, “Mr. President it is time to speak up and speak loud about the situation of insecurity in our nation. I want to remind you that one major reason that Nigerians voted for you en-masse is because of the confidence that with your military background, you will be able to stem the insecurity in Nigeria, rather it has only escalated astronomically ever since you became president. The recent attack on Governor Samuel Ortom by armed bandits is most unthinkable.

“Mr. President, we knew you are a Fulani man, we knew you are a herdsman, we know your connection with Miyetti Allah yet we voted you in. Speak up and put to rest all the speculations. Take a decisive position. Remove the IGP and stop the mindless killings in our nation.”

Oke who said he was using the opportunity of the meeting to speak on the state of the nation said he would pursue a 7-point agenda part of which will be A Save Nigeria project which will be a project to mobilize all the 45 million Pentecostals in all 36 states and the FCT to pray, Fast and register to vote.

He said he would also pursue the mobilisation of youths in all churches, institutions, and workplaces for the empowerment and the renewal of the passion for spiritual things.

Also, on his agenda is to pursue a north-south partnership which is to fuse Churches and individuals from the South with Indigenous churches in the North for empowerment. “We will speak for them, support them and empower them as one Church,” he said.

He described Lagos as the epic centre of PFN while also disclosing that he would run the PFN from his 1000-acre property in Oyo State.

The Lagos PFN Chair, Apostle Okwuonu earlier in his speech assured Bishop Oke of the state’s unflinching support and loyalty.

He recalled the past heroic works of the PFN president and described his emergence as president as divine.

Bishop Oke had also applauded the Lagos PFN structure and had Commiserated with the chapter on the passing of its former Chairman, Bishop Sola Ore.

He said Politicians definitely have a lot to learn from PFN as demonstrated by Lagos and the just concluded National Elections held at Enugu.

On his elections as PFN National President, He explained how he resisted attempts to get political about it.

He said he took three main decisions not to canvass for the position, to pray about it, and to say yes when invited. “As God will have it, it was a unanimous vote and this is first of its kind at the National Level. I see my emergence as the 7th National President as a call to duty, a call to work, and a call to war.”

He describes the position he occupies as onerous saying it is a task that requires much Grace. “I covet your prayers always that God will help me to prove the worth of this office to the over 45Million Pentecostals in Nigeria. We must pray and fast. We must be United and obedient to our leaders.”

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