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Rejoinder – CAN and the unpatriotic letter of Adesegun Osibanjo

by Church Times

 By Adesegun Osibanjo

My attention was drawn to the piece captioned, CAN, and the unpatriotic letter of Adesegun Osibanjo written by one Bolaji Akinyemi and published in your Online Church Times Nigeria on 14th March 2023. 
Please find below the Originating letter shared in confidence with Bolaji  Akinyemi that he took undue advantage of to malign my person, claiming he got inundated with calls from different quarters within the Christian enclave about a purported open letter to CAN by one Adesegun Osibanjo who is directing the body of Christians in Nigeria to congratulate the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu who was declared winner of the highly controversial  25th February 2023 Presidential Elections in Nigeria. This was a blatant and shameful lie told in the Public domain by Bolaji. Please see the Screenshot of the WhatsApp chat between Bolaji & my humble self below:

His writeup is filled purely with assassination and defamation of my character unjustly and for unknown reasons. Any discerning mind that juxtaposes my Open letter to the CAN President with Bolaji Akinyemi’s rejoinder will definitely see the contrasting effect.

This Letter to the CAN President speaks only to objective minds, most particularly those that fully understand that Nigeria can only be ONE in true DIVERSITY, which is our Uniqueness, Strength & Selling point.

This is not meant to ridicule Mr Peter Obi nor glorify the President-Elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu but to appeal to every Ethnic nationality in Nigeria to respect our DIVERSITY if we truly know what that means and not set Lagos and by extension Nigeria on Fire before and after the Gubernatorial elections of Saturday 18th March, 2023.

I will not join Bolaji in malignment, assassination, and defamation of character because I fully understand his myopic and shallow understanding of the Nigerian question because he belongs to the category that portends to defend non-existent Justice, equity, and fairness while others define them. I leave him in the Judgement court of the Lord for all the Slanders he did to me.

This is strongly appealing to CAN to douse the unwarranted tension in Nigeria by taking the most honourable & needful action right now as contained in the Letter.

God bless CAN and save Nigeria!!!

Best regards,

Engr. Adesegun Olutayo OsibanjoR. ENGR, MNSE, MNIEE, MCIPSMN

Read also CAN and the unpatriotic letter of Adesegun Osibanjo:


OPEN LETTER TO THE CAN PRESIDENT – WHY CAN MUST CONGRATULATE THE PRESIDENT-ELECT attached and stated below in case you’re unable to download for your consideration and action with some relevant Videos attached.


The President

Christian Association of Nigeria

National Christian Centre

CAN Secretariat, Garki


AAttention: His Eminence, Archbishop Daniel Chukwudumebi Okoh

Your Eminence Sir,


I crave the Indulgence of your Eminence to kindly allow me the privilege to address the entire CAN assembly consisting of the 5-Blocs, please.

I appreciate our Fathers in the faith for your fervent prayers that ensued peace so far in the ongoing Elections in the Country. It is pertinent to draw your attention to the just concluded Presidential elections in our nation, Nigeria which showed the following outcomes:

  1. The voice of the Church, which was a consequence of the Muslim-Muslim ticket
  2. The Patriotic voice of our Children, the Youths, devoid of sentiments, which was also a consequence of the Endsars protest
  3. And the en bloc voting of the Igbos for their Kinsman

 IPOB in Lagos.mp4

 Lagos Takeover.mp4

Christendom was rightly and justly opposed to the Muslim-Muslim ticket of APC. Although the Church was careful not to openly anoint a Presidential candidate but was comfortable with the Candidate of the Labour Party because he is Christian.

Mr. Peter Gregory Obi came with the Mantra, “A New Nigeria is Possible”. He went for the soul of Nigeria by running a saintly and deceptive Campaign that did incalculable damage to our Political psyche and divided us along ethnic and religious lines. He also took unfair advantage of our naive Youths, who have no knowledge of history and do not know where Mr Obi is coming from and where he is headed for.

These manifested heavily in the Voting pattern recorded in the Southeast where outrageous and unprecedented results were announced in favour of the Labour Party for places where Elections did and didn’t hold. After losing in his bid for the soul of Nigeria, he has shifted focus to the Gubernatorial elections in Lagos, which he claims, “Is a no Man’s Land” during his campaigns. His Labour Party is strongly mobilizing IPOB and Igbos into Lagos to come to re-enact the tactics that were deployed to achieve the Landslide victories of the Southeast in Lagos because they are uncomfortable with the slim margin win of the Presidential elections.

They are coming massively in favour of their Candidate, an inexperienced Youth, Gbadebo Chinedu Rhodes who is of mixed Yoruba and Igbo parentage. For the records, though most of the Elite voters didn’t turn out to vote in Lagos the Yoruba youths that turned out voted massively for Peter Obi because they did not know him well enough, so he should quit thinking that it was Igbo votes that gave him victory in Lagos, except he wants to deceive himself that the Igbos outnumber Yorubas in Lagos.

Peter Obi actually imposed Chinedu to replace the actual winner of the Primaries, they are still in Court over that I guess. It is on record that Peter Obi denied the best Candidate for a Job recruitment at Fidelity Bank while he held sway as the Chairman, he wrote NEVER in Green ink on the Candidate’s file just because he is Yoruba, a non-Igbo. This Man is a Venerable today. When push comes to shove, I’ll beg him to allow me to mention his name.

I was shocked to my marrows when I saw a Video all the way from Isiala-Ngwa, Abia state talking about how Labour Party must take over Lagos by Hook or Crook and that it’s a Do or Die affair. I shall endeavour to attach some Videos to the mail. The theatre of War has shifted to Lagos and the drums of War are beating loud and clear.

It is time for the Christian Association of Nigeria to move in to douse this tension because Mr Peter Obi and Labour are the perceived Candidate and Party of the Church respectively. Christendom will not be absolved from blame if things go wrong in Lagos during and after the rescheduled Gubernatorial elections because all Parties have more time to perfect their strategies and tactics the more to hatch their plans on election day.

CAN should as a matter of urgency consider the following for immediate action:

  1. Send a formal congratulatory Letter to the President-Elect to be delivered by a strong delegation led by his Eminence, the CAN President and to open up negotiations for representation in his Administration. This part is very important in my perception for the proper repositioning of CAN to have a voice in the administration of Nigeria. I remember suggesting that CAN opens up discussions with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in my previous Emails.
  1. Send a strong delegation with a formal Letter to Mr Peter Obi advising him to sheath his sword and not put Lagos and by extension, Nigeria on fire. Saying, “Lagos is no Man’s land” is a perfect recipe for chaos and disaster. Can Mr Peter Obi go to Kano to say this because Kano is also a Cosmopolitan city??? Let’s not take any Host community for granted in this Country if we don’t want chaos. Kindly note that this should not include persuading him not to go to Court because that is his prerogative. He has the legitimate right to pursue this course of action.

These two Action points will free and absolve the Church from any blame or guilt, and CAN will put Christendom in the Sands of time in Nigeria as a Peacemaker as the Scriptures commanded us to do.

God bless Christendom in Nigeria and the Christian Association of Nigeria!!!

Yours sincerely,

Best regards,

Evangelist Engr. Adesegun Olutayo Osibanjo R.ENGR, MNSE, MNIEE, MCIPSMN

Political Evangelist


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Kunmi Akinade March 15, 2023 - 2:11 pm

pray the Chritisdom will purge itself of characters exposing the fault lines.

Many acclaimed and *god of Men* are indeed a burden to faith and religiousity.

Any clèrgy with partisan interest can’t be a leader of flock.

Bolaji Akinyem is everything that’s not christlike, he’s more like those who are weaponsing the pulpit, for personal gains. The dirty saints are the fault lines of Christiandom. CAN can’t continue to shield them, except to own peril.

These set of shenanigans like Bolaji Akinyemi are busy editing the Holy Books (Bible), thus …”In the begining Man created God in his own image and like” ….

Kunmi Akinade


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