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Prophetic timelines for 2023 as dictated by the Holy Spirit through Rev Dr. Cecelia Onitiri

YEAR 2023: The year of judgement

by Church Times

Friday, October 28 2022 @ 1:15a.m



Same Friday October 28. 2022 @ 1:23a.m

Tuesday December 6. 2022 @ 4:39a.m

Thus saith the Lord, the Creator and holder of the Universe, “Have I not been compassionate towards the inhabitants of your nation Nigeria?”

Have I not been extending my hands towards her to keep her together? Have I not held your nation passionately to keep her from collapsing? The drums of war sounded but I the Lord silenced them. Satanic agents went on rampage killing and destroying, but I subdued them.

Agents of darkness, yes, the agents of darkness who have sworn to an oath to destroy your nation, I will now judge. They have taken advantage of the poor and the needy, they have taken advantage of the youth, the elderly and the aged. They have manipulated the affluent ones. They have vandalized and ruined your economy. They have pitched the religious sectors against one another. They have joined forces with outside nations to totally destroy.

Nocturnal meetings, nocturnal gatherings – Incantations at your bothers to weaken the very foundation of your nation. What are my children in my house doing? Wake up from your slumber and raise a cry to me, why are you so weak? Why being afraid? Why fear? Am not I with you? Have I not promised that I will be with you till end of time? Why allow yourselves to be cajoled and intimidated? Why seek to please mortal man?

I have looked down upon your nation and I have come to judge the unrepentant folks amongst you. They say “there is no God” I sit in my throne and laugh at them, for their time of judgment is at hand. I the Lord, will expose and punish. 5:08a.m.

Saturday Dec. 31 @ 12:04a.m

There is a time for all activities under the heavens. The set time is come to uproot and tear down and scatter all the  evil forces troubling your nation. There are clandestine plans to cause upheaval in your nation. But I the Lord will scatter them and rain hailstones on them. See the raging storm, the upheaval and the brewing tension. They say “who can stop them?” But I the Lord will thunder and wipe them away. Then the sky will clear and there will be calm. Your leaders will submit to the message I will direct to them. They must listen and act to salvage your nation from the decay that it has slumped into; when this happens, peace will gradually simmer into your nation. Doubt, uncertainty and mistrust will begin to slow down. I will strengthen your leaders for the task ahead for great is the task. Tasks of rebuilding trust and relationship.

Will your nation split? The task of nation building is very tempestuous and should be handled with care, maturity and caution. Understanding is very essential, I will direct through my messenger.

Plans to invade your nation and turn your inhabitants to refugees I will thwart. I say I will thwart and uproot. I will scatter, I will disband and I will place heavy yokes on them.

Oh my new Jerusalem, what are these hard hearted men, men with no souls, men with no conscience doing to you? Will I allow it? It is now time to judge them. 12:40a.m

Saturday Dec. 31 @ 6:08p.m

After judgment, there will be calm, but some radicals will endeavour to infuse fear and confusion on your inhabitants. Succeed they will not. For failure awaits them. But to you my people, the inhabitants of your nation, I will begin to touch their hearts, I will begin to revive confidence in them. I will begin to stir their hearts so they begin to show love and extend kindness to each other. When this sign begin to happen, then slowly you will be on the path to restoration: then I will cause all the waste land to be rebuild, your wasted years to be seen as a part of the past for I the Lord will begin to do new things in your nation and for your nation. By the 3rd quarter of the year, your economy will begin to be revived. Slowly the needs of the poor and the needy will be met for I the Lord will cause your leadership to look kindly upon them.

The raging wars and natural calamities going on around the world will begin to abate. As this happens, the positive impact will be felt in your nation and there will be general improvement all around.

My children in my house, be strong, pray and praise. Sing praises to me and exalt my name for the gladness and joy I will bring to your nation. It is time for your nation to pull and put down the mourning clothes and enshrine itself with the garment of joy: for by the 4th quarter of the year there will be an almost turn- around of things. Sing praises, be joyful and dance for the siege is over. Is anything too hard for me? I am the Lord, the I AM THAT I AM and will set your nation free from their long years of bondage and pain. Have I said and has it not happened? Who is like unto me? Rejoice oh ye inhabitants of Nigeria, for I the Lord is opening all locked doors and making the channels clear for you. But may it be forbidden that you the saved ones will go back to the sins of the past which I have rightly judged. For woe unto you, if you tread the paths of those that I have judged and punished.

Oh sing for joy the Light has come. Darkness has disappeared, my glory shines around. Be at peace with one another, love one another and begin to behold the beauty in each other. I the Lord have spoken.

My peace I leave with you. Not as the world giveth, but that which I give which is everlasting. 31/12/2022 6:32p.m




  1. Saturday Nov. 26. 2022 @ 4:56a.m

 January                 –       1 Peter 2v9

 February               –       Jeremiah 3v23

 March                    –       Hosea 1v7

  1. Saturday Dec. 31. 2022 @ 12:42a.m

 April                       –      Ezekiel 14v5 

 May                        –      Isaiah 65v1-3

 June                        –      Isaiah 27v6

 July                         –      Exodus 14v13-14

 August                   –      Amos 9v11-15

 September            –      Micah 2v12-13


  1. Saturday Dec. 31. 6:39p.m

 October                –     Psalm 10

November            –     2 Corinthians  5v16-21

December             – Philippians 4v4-9

About Rev Dr Cecelia Onitiri


Rev. Dr. C. A. ONITIRI is a native of Calabar, Cross Rivers State, daughter of late Chief Michael Okon Nsa Ani, and late Princess (Evangelist) Theresa Eyo Archibong Ekpenyong.

She studied law and graduated from the University of London and was called to the Nigerian Bar in July 1976. About 47 years of post-call experience. She joined the services of Mobil Producing Nigeria (Now Exxon Mobil) in July 1977 and served in various capacities in the Lagos, London, Houston, New York, and Fairfax offices. On December 1, 1996, she was appointed The First General Counsel in the merger and Head Legal Department, Mobil Producing Nigeria for the shared service Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. During the Mobil Idoho-Oil spill of 1998, she led the consortium that investigated the biggest oil spillage in the country with no loss of lives. The spill spread through seven (7) States, 52 Local Government Areas, and 1,796 villages.

In December 1, 1999, with the merger of Exxon Mobil, she was appointed The First General Counsel in the merger and Head Legal Department. However, due to the pressure of God’s calling on her life which had been mounting since June 1999, she had to take a voluntary early retirement in February 2000.

In November 2004, she was ordained and commissioned by Apostle A. T. B. William’s with the assistance of our Mother-in-the-Lord Rev. Omar Williams and her late husband Pastor (Professor) Akintunde Cole Onitiri, son of Late Mr. Olawale-Cole Onitiri of the illustrious Onitiri family of Lagos and Late Mrs. Angelica Ibifuro Onitiri ( Nee Banigo) of the Grand Bonny Kingdom.

Her late husband(May his blessed soul rest on) was a renowned Medical Practitioner, a Banker, a Businessman a Prolific Writer, a Pastor, and a man who loved God with all his heart; a warm heart that has positively affected many lives. He was her great partner in this journey and was a strong and active co-labourer in the Lord’s vineyard. His wealth of experience and knowledge of the Word of God has greatly impacted her Ministry. When things were tough, he was her strength, her confidant, her teacher, her helper, and her friend in this business of God’s own business. Rev. is grateful to God for the life he led and for most especially, to her Senior Partner, the Holy Spirit, for guiding the two of them.

The good Lord has blessed them with three children and three grandchildren and a good and prayerful son-in-law.


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