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How Peter Obi was invited to RCCG Redemption City, why he was not given the microphone

by Church Times

The recent visit of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi to the Redemption City of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, was at the instance of some top politicians and members of the church.

 The initiative to visit the church did not come from Peter Obi nor did it come from the RCCG authority, a source told Church Times.

 Obi had put up an appearance at the Redemption City for the first time on Friday, August 12.

 He was introduced to a mammoth crowd of worshipers at the 70th anniversary of the church.

 Shortly after Obi’s name was announced the congregation literally erupted. It took the pastor who announced his presence some time to calm the crowd of worshipers.

She had to remind the congregation that ‘It is Jesus we are celebrating.’ 

 A member of the church who preferred anonymity told Church Times that Obi’s visit was at the instance of some politicians who felt his attendance at the convention ground will go a long way to help his political ambition.

 The source said, “The whole idea of Peter Obi visiting the Redemption City started when the Labour Party Candidate in Ogun State, Mr. Kehinde Shogunle came to canvass for support for his political ambition at the directorate of politics and governance in the church.

“It was during his visit that a member brought about the idea of bringing Mr. Peter Obi to the camp. It was not something that was planned from the onset. The initiative did not come from the church authority. The member got in touch with some politicians to tell Obi to just show up at the convention ground. And that was why he came around.”

 The source added, “He was not given the microphone because doing so may mean the endorsement of the church. Pastor Adeboye had said he would not be partisan and he still maintained that stance. But he won’t stop any politician from visiting the church.”

 The source explained that what those who invited Obi to the church wanted to achieve is to create an impression that the church has taken a position to support Peter Obi in the coming election.

“From the rousing welcome that was given Obi, it was clear that many members of the church are rooting for him. It was clear that the support for him is beyond the person of Obi. People are tired. They want a breath of fresh air in Aso Rock. Even when Peter Obi is not making moves, people are moving on his behalf”

 The source said also that the church has been wary of endorsing any candidate because of the dismal performance of the incumbent governor of Ogun State, Mr. Dapo Abiodun who is a member of the church.

 “I can tell you some top RCCG members are not happy that Dapo Abiodun has not been performing as expected. He is a member of RCCG. His wife is a deacon. But he has not lived up to expectations. Some politicians from other parties are already reaching out to the church for support. The 2023 election may not favour Abiodun if he continues with his lackadaisical posture to governance in the state,” the source said.

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Gbenga Oludimu August 15, 2022 - 6:26 pm

God of heaven has endorsed Peter Obi so RCCG and his pastor should just move where the clowd of glory is moving.
We would have not have the abysmal failure in governance both at the Federal and Ogun State if RCCG pastor has understanding of the times and season like the son’s of Isaacah and not to wrongly subtly endorsed Eliab instead of David.
Dapo Abiodun was a novice in the Christ and governance yet RCCG supported him tactly but I am glad that he disappointed them and performed woefully and RCCG can not be exonerated from his failure.
May God help us. Baba G.O should be on the side of God and the majority of Nigeria and support Peter Obi the man God has placed his hand upon this hour.
Alleluyah! Alleluyah!! Alleluyah!!!

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