scarcity of new note

Nigerians are suffering because of two-fighting-Suleman

says, "My family and I are fully obidient"

by Church Times

General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has said the scarcity of the new naira note which has brought untold hardship on Nigerians is the fallout of the fight among the political class

He made the observation while addressing his church members on Sunday, February 19. He also declared that his entire family is fully obidient and would vote for the Labour Party candidate, Mr. Peter Obi in the February 25 presidential election.

Suleman said Nigerians are going through needless pain saying, ” One of the things I don’t do anymore is to talk about politics. I can only encourage you and advise you to do the right thing. We have no business going through pain. 200 million Nigerians are suffering from two-fighting”

He made a satirical reference to how former President Goodluck Jonathan was pushed out of power by a conglomeration of different parties.

According to him, those who brought President Buhari to power ought to have understood the kind of person he is when he said, “I am for everybody and for no one.”

“That statement ought to have made them understand the kind of person they were dealing with. But they supported him again. Now the man is saying don’t want vote buying. It takes bulk money to buy votes not the little money people collect from the bank. You know who you are targeting and those who want to buy votes, why dragging all of us into your fight” he said.

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The cleric also took exception to the lamentation of the governors wondering if they just realised the kind of president they were dealing with. He said, “The politicians are fighting for their selfish interests. They do not have the interest of the masses at heart. No matter what, use this anger to vote against this wickedness.”

He said his family and those who love him would vote for Mr. Obi in the election, adding that he could only advise his congregation on who to vote for. “It is left for you to vote. But as I said, my family and those who love me are voting for Obi. We work in the background and we give our support. We don’t make noise. We are supporting Obi because of the masses. Whether he wins or not does not change us. But we have to think of the common good. Many of those supporting these other parties do so because of what they want to get from them.”



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