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Nigeria too big for one man to rule-Prophet Solomon Ajao

by Church Times


By Wilson Adekumola

The founder and presiding minister of Christ Apostolic Church, CAC, Warrior for Christ Mission, Fagba, Agege, Lagos, Prophet Dr. Solomon Olukunmi Ajao (JP) has said Nigeria is too big for one man to govern.

He then insisted that restructuring is the way to go or otherwise federal government should grant those who are agitating for secession their demands.

Prophet Ajao made the submission while speaking with our correspondent during the church’s annual convention which was held at his church auditorium located at 9, Railway Line, Off Jonathan Coker Road, By Fagba Junction, Iju-Ifako, Agege, Lagos.

He said, “This country is too big for one man to rule. I have not seen a man who can oversee the affairs of this country successfully. Now poverty and suffering have eaten deep into our bone marrow. There is a cry for help in every nook and cranny of Nigeria.

Ajao: Restructuring the way to go

Pastor Ajao

“I think restructuring would have been a better option if the president will open his eye of understanding to the request of the agitators. Nigeria is a very big country. We have a lot of professionals and experts in every field in this country but where are we? Look at the doctors that recently embarked on strike, it is because the federal government refuses to yield to their demands.

“I have said many times that their salary should be paid at least on the 25th of every month but for five months they would not receive salary. That is not good enough because this attitude will weaken their morale.”

The cleric noted that the Police and other critical agencies in the country have been impoverished. He declared further that the best advice for President Mohammadu Buhari is to accede to the request for the Yoruba nation.

“I am praying that this Yoruba nation we have been agitating should be successful. Aside from that let us go back to restructuring. I believe this is what will bring peace and unity to this country. The government at the center is just there to satisfy its people.

“In fact, he cannot do away with favouritism. Some have even said we are running a Fulani government, has he proved them wrong with his attitude. He should have known that he does not have the will power to lead Nigerians aright,” Ajao said.

He described as worrisome the menace of the Fulani herdsmen noting, “The herdsmen are doing what they do because they know their person is in government. But recall when the former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was there he treated everyone equally. He was even harsher on his clansmen.

“But in the case of President Buhari, it is a different ball game. I will even advise all the ministers of God to stop taking car gifts or other largess from the government but rather tell them the truth instead. Let us summon the courage to tell the government the truth. The truth is bitter but it must be told.”

The Oyo-born cleric condemned the incessant kidnapping and killings that have become the order of the day; he implored those who are close to President Buhari to always tell him the truth. He also noted that it is only Jesus who can deliver us from the insecurity and evil perpetrators.

“We are small but mighty in the Lord Jesus. We have been praying but the government lacks good people that will tell him the truth or let us think he does not listen to them. The sharing formula has always been their bane. Any government that does not listen to the advice of its people is voluntary governance and it is disastrous. However, those close to him should not hesitate to tell him the truth. But I believe only Jesus can deliver us from the insecurity and evil perpetrators.”

The 11th annual convention

Some members of Christ Apostolic Church, CAC, Warrior for Christ Mission

The 11th annual convention of the church has the theme, “Behold! The sower went forth to sow.” He described the convention as different from the ones in the past because “we used to do it at our mountain known as ‘Ori Oke Warrior’ in Ibogun, Odeyinlo Alapako Road, Iyana Coker, Ifo in Ogun State and it had always given me stress to coordinate the members.

“We have always had issues with donations before and after the celebration. But I am happy that there is unity and love among the members. I realized it is when you are able to shepherd your sheep that the house of the Lord can experience peace and joy.”

The guest speaker who preached on the last day of the event, Prophetess Modupeola Ilupeju (JP) urged the participants to surrender themselves to Jesus so that they can experience supernatural supply noting that they don’t need to struggle to get to the top if God is involved.

She added, “If you wonder why you are suffering it is because you deserve the best that is why you are facing tribulations now. God is preparing to change your situation so He needs to clear your problems first. But for the fact that you are here today, you have passed the test. All you need to do is to believe God for His unchangeable promises.”

Ilupeju urged the congregation to be steadfast in the Lord stating further that the mercy of the Lord is not what you work for, “so when you receive mercy from God you should be appreciative. Some think it is because they are powerful that is why they receive mercy from the Lord. Mercy is not what you work for. When you receive one from God you just have to be appreciative. Mercy is what can make you forget the tears of your past”. She asserted.

The three-day programme which was held between Friday 27th and Sunday 29th August 2021 featured salvation, healing, breakthrough, health talk among others. It was held under the tent erected in place of the N50 million church building that was burnt by EndSARS protesters last year.

He then appealed to government and kind-hearted citizens to render assistance in building the house of the Lord noting that it is not good to get drenched in the rain each time they assemble to worship God.”

The event attracted some eminent personalities across the state. They include; Rev. Dr. Musa, Rev. Dr Ogedengbe, Evang. Adewale Ayodeji, Evang. Ademola Oni and Evang. Lydia Olaoluwa. Others were: Mopelola Diamond, Evang. Fitila Olajesu, Pastor Mrs. Elizabeth Ajao, Prophet Dr. Isaac Olowolafe, Rev. Dr Matthew Olayinka, Prophetess Iyiola Oyelakin, Pastor Olawunmi Ezekiel among others.

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