Church Mafia

How Nigeria is exporting occultism to other parts of the world- A review of Church Mafia

by Church Times


I once shared the testimony of late pastor Chidubem Okwu who narrated his life story of how he was initiated into occultism by his General Overseer senior friend and mentor.  He talked of how he went to the Bar Beach in Lagos one night and slept with a mermaid physically and thereafter the mermaid made the sign of the cross on her head touching her vagina.

And from then on he too began to operate in powerful “gifts” of “touch and fall”, “look and follow”etc. The only thing the mermaid told him was that he had to renew the power once a month by sleeping with a virgin and married women.

Do you see how today the church is being turned to a vehicle of enslavement? He said he saw up to 10 mermaids also attending to other pastors at the same time and many first generation pastors at the Port Harcourt event where he had gone for the double or second empowerment.

So we are in trouble in Nigeria. Possibly if you are reading this, chances are that you are attending a church pastored by an Occult pastor.


The operating power in many churches

In both instances, a woman was involved in the empowerment. This all confirm everything I have said before and this is why this is not too surprising to me. If you have been reading my articles or Apostolic Messages I said three things:

1. That the operating power in the Church today ( the larger segment of the Church) is not the Holy Spirit but Marine or Familiar spirits. Woman power. Chidubem has confirmed that in his testimony that in each of the empowerment both in Lagos and Port Harcourt the pastors had to sleep with a woman and had to renew the power with sex regularly with women.

So it is womanpower ( not manpower) that is running your churches. I have said it that most of the shining and prosperity that you see some churches displaying and pastors manifesting is not God’s Prosperity it is Satan and the Occult.

In the transition that is coming which I have prophesied about now for more than 30 years, you will know the difference between God’s Prosperity and the Satan/ Occult prosperity.

Many notable pastors and G.Os are being accused of sleeping with women and fingering women’s private parts. Several other prominent ministers of the church have also been accused by women who worked with them and their associates of sexual perversions and molestation of women. There is even one miscalled by the name of an apostle whose manhood has been posted on social media for all to see.
We now know why sex is so crucial because it is the tool of renewal of the diabolical power they got from who – knows – where and women are fruitful.

Women and virgins

2. That also shows why the church today is a dangerous place especially for women and virgins. Imagine a pastor sleeping with one virgin a month for renewal and for six years. That is 12 × 6= 72 virgins destroyed by Chidubem Okwu alone before he too was destroyed by God. That is how Satan works: he will first ruin you then he would use you to ruin others.

Now think of the number of pastors and G.Os and bishops involved in this and see the number of young ladies whose lives have been wrecked thinking they were going to church to meet God not knowing it was Satan they were going to meet.
Just imagine this.
This leads to the third point I have also said before.

3. The modern Church is one of the major vehicles for the bringing of darkness into Nigeria at this time. The modern church is the source of pollution, a veritable instrument of defilement and contamination both of Nigerians and Nigeria at this time.

I have said all these in the past because I know things by virtue of my Calling that the general public do not know. Today I have been vindicated.

The Church Mafia

But I have a higher vindication which is the book I’m writing about in this piece. If Nigerian pastors have limited their activities to Nigeria may be it will be tolerable since Nigeria is already….. I don’t want to pronounce the word. But to also be exporting occultism to the wide world is not permissible. When a Pharisee makes a convert he makes him 7 times a child of hell than himself. So are the Occult Nigerian pastors.

And now we have a witness from South Africa whose book I will start reviewing comprehensively beginning from this piece. It is the most detailed book exposing occult churches because he too ran an Occult church in South Africa and he was “empowered” and trained and equipped from Nigeria. Yes from Nigeria.

Nigeria, oh land greatly beloved, this is how you have fallen.

Giant of Africa, land of notable Apostolic revivals, you are now a bed of occultism and rampaging church bandits and hooligans, pastors, and pulpit crooks.

I asked a pastor in South Africa to get me the book. Every Nigerian must read this book. I have gotten in touch with the author and we see the possibility of how we can get the copyright and print it in Nigeria or get original copies here because it shows the modus operandi of many Occult churches and their pastors.

However in the absence of that, I will do a 2 or 3- part review of the whole book so even if you are not able to read it you will know what to look for to identify these churches and ministers, these false apostles, and false prophets dotting the religious landscape of Nigeria now.

Once they are exposed and their secrets revealed then the revolution has already started. But some women love darkness more than light and even some men too. It is your choice, you can remain there. I have played my own role as a watchman, writer and an Apostle of God, God will not require the blood of any Nigerian from my hands. No. Because I have enough textual attestations and warnings which I will bring to Heaven on the Day of Judgment to clear myself. There is nothing that has befallen this nation and her people that I have not warned against in the past if you thoroughly check all my writings. So I am clear.


Title: CHURCH MAFIA: CAPTURED BY SECRET POWERS – An Untold African Narrative

Author: Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana

Publisher: Makhado Freedom Ramabulana Pretoria. South Africa

Price: R250

Pagination: 175

Reviewer: Moses OLUDELE Idowu

I watched the Hearing of the Commission set up by the Government of South Africa on wanton abuse by churches and pastors on their members. [That is a serious government that knows her responsibility, not like one irresponsible government that is giving money to Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan while her own universities are shut.]

It was during this Hearing that I saw the testimony given by the author of this book. I was compelled to get the book and read because he mentioned Nigeria and how he got Occult power and the secret of how Occult churches operate.

This book is divided into 13 loaded chapters full of useful information by someone who had been initiated and had practiced as an Occult minister. In other to properly do a thorough job I will do this in three parts viz:

* The first part will dwell on the author of the book and his background and how he was lured to Nigeria and empowered.

* The second part will dwell on how he operates and the secrets of their operations

* The third part will be the 13 signs by which you can recognize an Occult church. I will take these last carefully so that even if you don’t have brains you will know when you see an Occult church.

So let us go.


Makhado Sinthumule Ramabulana is a pastor, the son of a pastor who feared God and waited on his Ministry. He was brought up in the way of the Lord and never saw his parents got involved in any evils. The parents were pastors of the Apostolic Faith Mission.

A word about this. Apostolic Faith Mission was founded by that legendary soul, John Graham Lake in the wave of the first-ever Pentecostal revival on the soil of Africa in 1906. For details of the history read my book AFRICAN GOD’S GENERALS ( Lagos: Artillery Publications, 2020)

Makhado’s only contact with the fetish or what appears so was his brief stay with his grandma who was a prophetess of an African Initiated Church, St John Apostolic Faith Mission founded by Christina Nku. ( You will also read about that woman in the book on AFRICAN GOD’S GENERALS)

*The Value of Training and Tradition*

Makhado sensed the call of God on his life and accordingly he went to the AFM’s Bible School/ Seminary where he was trained in the Pentecostal and Apostolic way according to the great Tradition this church was known for.

Immediately he saw many of the graduates veered off to independent ministries while some joined their home denomination because the young ministers hate the word Tradition. He has a word here which is appropriate:

“Today, as I am writing this book, I can clearly say that the enemy has captured the church of God because we lost our Godly traditions and principles in our churches. Some modern churches believe that traditional methods are irrelevant.” (p.23)

That sounds familiar, isn’t it? Pentecostals say they hate Tradition but there are Traditions that are good and History and Knowledge are buried and embedded in Traditions. Hear the author: “As I grew in my progress in the Ministry, I came to the realization that some of the old traditions saved us from being tricked by the enemy during our time at the Bible College.” (pp. 23,24)

Had Makhado continued in the Tradition of the fathers and of the Pentecostal pioneers like Lake who founded the mission he won’t have fallen into the hands of Occult Nigerian pastors. Tradition matters. History matters.

He started to pastor a church where he lived. He was now married.

It was from here the story becomes interesting. Preaching the raw gospel as he has been taught does not bring crowds and much money to him. As a young man he needs money especially when he sees other young people who are also ministers.

Meditating upon the Word and prayer alone do not seem to bring result as fast as the “prophets” he saw around him.

Rather than seek counselling from mature ministers like his father he began to “network and associate with other prophets who had no theological training as they did not believe in a study discipline but miracles.” ( p.28)

They do not submit to anyone and yet they live glamorously and successfully riding in latest flashy cars. They are also the ones who are usually honoured with doctorate by our equally blind and compromised universities. The problem of Africa is many, I tell you.

He watched as financial pressure destroyed many other ministries who tried to do the right thing and the ministers when they could not cope had to leave for secular vocation abandoning the ministry. He too was facing similar pressures.

One day Makhado met a prophet friend who was senior to him and he gave him a ride in his SUV. He was amazed seeing the prophet in the latest car with several phones at the back of the boot which he had looted or extorted from the congregation who he had forced to sow seeds. This man look the very picture of success in ministry. Even the passersby clapped when they saw him zoom off in his car.

Success is good if it is from God and through your own sweat. Not all success is from God please be careful. One of the finest talking points of modern preachers is success. The Bible does not command us to preach success but to preach Christ, according to the Book of Acts of Apostles.

This prophet friend told him how he made everyone give an “Isaac seed” and those who don’t have to borrow. You can see error here.

God told Abraham to give Isaac; has God told you to do the same? Are you Abraham?
You can see how these Occult pastors and prophets are causing poverty and retrogression in the land because people too failed to use their sense and study their Bible? Because God will not give back to you since He did not command your offerings. This is what Ecclesiastes calls the “sacrifice of fools” now so common in our churches. This is why people are giving and they are getting poorer. This is why poverty is rife today in the Church and in the land.

*Nigeria: Land of the Second Touch*

Thus the bad influence of these false prophets caused Makhado to also want to find out how they procure these powers. One day as he began to enquire about powers and riches he found a prophet who told him about the Second Touch. He was told that after accepting Jesus which is the first touch he must also get the Second Touch. And what is that supposed to mean?

He must meet someone, a person or spiritualist who would empower him. And where is that place? It is no other place but Nigeria – Land of the Sleeping Giant.

Hear him in his own words:

” I told myself that I would raise money to make sure that I would go and get this ‘second touch’ and impartation in Nigeria
” …the prophet said he had seen so many people visiting his country to obtain powers and upon their return, their Ministries would take a different turn that seemed prosperous” ( p.36)

Then in case you missed the import of what he was saying the prophet from Nigeria added this that :

“.. business people, presidents, politicians, pastors, celebrities, musicians, herbalists, and traditional doctors visited particular places in Nigeria that he knew, and they would return with powers to be famous, to be voted into top positions, to be wealthy and to have miracle and prophetic powers after their encounter.” ( p. 36)

That is it. Nigeria no longer export oil nor scholarship but now occultism and spiritual pollutions into other countries.

I told you when the Pharisees make a convert he makes him seven times a child of hell than himself like this Occult prophet from Nigeria peddling his ware in South Africa.

That is why Nigeria’s currency is falling and depreciating at a higher value than even your morals. That is why inflation is eating your harvests.

Economic development is connected to Righteousness but Nigerians are yet to get this. As long as your moral quality declines your currency too will decline. It is not an accident that Northern Europe which became the land of REFORMATION was also the land where Industrial Revolution began.

But your universities and “scholars” and the designed History that is taught in them and by them today will not emphasize that because of where the Logic will lead. They hate Jesus’ Name and whatever will give Him glory they suppress it since the Enlightenment era.

Watch out for part 2

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