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Muslim convert to Christianity cries out over threat to life

by Church Times
A Muslim convert to the Christian faith, Evangelist Musa B.M. has expressed concern over an alleged threat to his life by some unnamed Muslims.
In a message on his Facebook Page on Sunday, November 19, he wondered why he had continued to receive threats in the form of messages from some people who claimed they were Muslims.
He however expressed assurance that they would never be able to carry out their evil intention.
He wrote,
Dear Muslim brothers, continue sending your threatening messages that say “We will find you and k!ll you”. My question now is, why do you want to K!ll me? Is it because I am a #Muslim convert to #Christianity or is it because of the mission work that I and my team are doing? If it is because of these reasons, I want all of you to know that I can never be intimidated by your threats.
Because, I am not just an ordinary person that you all think because whoever that is protected by Christ Jesus, the person is forever protected.
I know there are good ones among you which is why I don’t generalize. One thing that I also want all of you to realize is that there is no compulsion in religion and even the Quran admits that.
But why do some of you behave somehow or is your Quran different from others? Please you guys should think twice.
Evangelist Musa, a missionary, is known for his regular posts on Facebook on his ministry exploits among Muslims in the North. He also took to his Facebook page on Sunday to explain why he has not started a church. He said God did not lead him to start a church, but that he was called to missions and would be ready to go for missions anywhere.
He wrote,
Please to those of you asking where is my Church located that they want to come and worship in my church, I want to let you all know that I don’t have any church that I am Pastoring.
But when it comes to missions, there is no place or village no matter how dangerous it is that we can not go for evangelism outreach.
After I finished my Bible school, I did not get the conviction from God to go and pastor a church. Therefore, I can never go and start doing something that God did not call me to go and do for Him.
This is the main reason why I focus on the conviction I get from God which is missions. Please take note of this and always keep us in your prayers.

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