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If you talk against miracle money, you are insulting God-Apostle Suleman…threatens bloggers with lawsuit

by Church Times

Founder of Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman has taken a swipe at those condemning his recent “miracle money show” in the US.

He said anybody who talks against it is insulting God.

Suleman who recently had a programme in the US where he prayed for people to receive miracle money said, nobody could dictate how he runs his ministry.

He said, “If you talk against miracle money, you are insulting God. That I will now arrange with people to pay money into their account and claim that it is miracle money? What money I’m I looking for? What name am I looking for? And you think that is possible in the US with all the intelligence?”

While declaring that he too needs miracle money even as he prayed for his listeners at the US programme, he said, “I have since discovered that popularity is a problem. When you are famous you have no life.”

He noted that the bloggers and Youtubers are doing business and using his name to make money warning that the trend can’t continue.

He said however that if they want to continue to use his name to lie to the public, they should pay him because they are also being paid by YouTube for the damaging videos they publish on him.

“One of the strategies to make bloggers get patronage is to attack pastors. I am one of the major subjects.  I don’t have a problem with that. But if you want to insult me, pay me because YouTube is paying you. If you want to insult me, pay me then abuse me.

“The man of God you can bring down is a man who does not have proof about his calling. My own now is a negotiation. Some of the people who do this YouTube thing are in the US, UK, India, but I can get you to face the law. I can sue you in Nigeria and get foreign enforcement of judgement through the embassy to your country.”

Suleman noted further that there are ministers that are living wrong lives but God is showing them mercy because of the lies of the bloggers. “A pastor died the other day in Lagos. Some of us could not sleep for two days. Me, I had pain in my chest, I went to mama, I said why will this man die. They say we are happy, who is happy that a man of God died?

“Do you know how many of our representatives we sent there?  I had a programme here.  Do they expect that I will leave my programme and attend burial? Who are you to tell me what burial to attend?”

While disclosing how he has been of help to communities and helped to raise the standard of living around him, he said, that he does not put those things on camera does not mean things are not being done.

He then warned that bloggers who use his pictures and videos without his permission will henceforth face the law. “We have 18 YouTube channels that we have taken their records already. We are going to begin to institute legal cases against them.

“Your channel is 4 years and you want to spoil what has been on for decades. You can’t use my pictures without my permission. Right now, the Lord told me to get justice against anybody that talks against me. I am not a public officer I am a public figure. “

Miracle money:

Johnson Suleiman’s Money Magic Bank Alerts, By Bolaji O. Akinyemi

miracle money

The choice of Atlanta in the United States of America for this pentecostal rascality and mother of all scams must have a purpose.

We must not forget that during the 2020 Covid 19 lockdown, Apostle Johnson Suleiman had a divine visitation and the lockdown became a blessing in disguise for our beloved, who came to town with the testimony of his 2nd jet and therefore wished that the world will remain locked down.

The exuberance notwithstanding it was nothing short of a visitation. But for lack of communication skills and information management he had the crisis that followed a divine visitation. Wisdom is required to transmit divine massages at the human frequency by every one of us parading ourselves on the pulpit.

Money is the need of our post-Covid world, and with the threat of another wave, we all will do well to have enough to store up for the days ahead. A smart mind you will agree with me must take advantage of the global vulnerability.

I reached out to Apostle on the saga of his Covid-19 private jet and found his admittance a reflection of maturity for which he tendered an apology to Nigerians and the global village at large, on that he had my respect, this we all must keep earning from one another on this side of time.

I am however amazed that this greater assault on the integrity of God and his word will draw his irk. I am not a church policeman, nobody, but the devil is, he is the fault finder of the brethren for the purpose of fulfilling his ministry as our accuser.

But I owe it a duty to Christ, His Word and the Church to point out any contemporary charismatic acts that are inconsistent with the Bible contextually, interpretation wise and application. As usual, I reached out again to him on his moment of pulpit rascality. He responded in a manner that left me with no option but to come public, he blocked my channel of engagement to be able to continue with our chat on the issue.

Hence, I am writing this to him and all who must have fallen for these gimmicks at exalting Mammon on the altar of the living God. It is important for us as Christians to understand the divine ordination and protocol of blessing, by going to the beginning, another principle that Jesus exposed to us; “it was not so in the beginning” when the Pharisees were in conflict of knowledge, which he applied, dealing with their question on marriage.

Gen 1:26-29, told us the plan and purpose of God for creating man and revealed the secret of dominion mandate as the seed. He made man to be fruitful and to multiply, with a capacity to replenish.

Gen 2:15 (KJV):

“And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.”

After the man was placed in the garden, he was commissioned for the protocol of his ordination to be fruitful, he must keep the garden and dress it, to have fruits of it to eat. Work is not a punishment. It is a protocol of creation, for ecosystem management, it was set in place before the fall, though it became harder after the fall.

God enforced the same principle in the days of manna, he could have made it to fall at the camp near their doors, but he rained it in the field for every breadwinner to go and harvest daily provisions for the family.

Exodus 16:4 (KJV):

“Then said the Lord unto Moses, behold, I will rain bread (blessings) from heaven (known source) for you; and the people SHALL GO OUT (to work) and gather a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in my law, or not”.

The protocol of creation forbids gathering after work, work must come first and reward for work will follow.

No passage of the scriptures brought it home like 2 King 4:1-7, where one of the most divinely qualified class of people for alms been a widow found herself in debt, Elisha did no such thing as asking her to open her bag and she will find money, but the question posed to her answer it all, what do you have in your house? In other words, what is your trade or business? Then miracle of business capacity expansion was birthed through prophetic counsel. Note, he never told her what will happen.

Understanding the protocol of work as a divine prelude to blessings, the Apostle Paul said, he that doesn’t work, let him not eat.

2 Thessalonian 3:10 (KJV):

“For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

As Christians God’s word is our standard and Jesus is our best model of operation. It was Apostle Paul who said, “be ye followers of me as I am of Christ”. His analogy is born out of the typology of construction, wherein conner stones are set and rope tied to them to get every block that will be set aligned with the conner stones, each of us as blocks must align with Christ, the cornerstone in God’s ongoing building project. Apostle Johnson Suleiman or any other, has responsibilities to me, the body and Christ at pointing out our mistakes, offences, error or sins if any is found.

Johnson Suleiman cited Matthew 17:27 (KJV): “Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast a hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened its mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee.”

A close look at the verse reveals their needs, which was money to pay their taxes. Jesus turned to Peter in the consciousness of divine ordination for fruitfulness through the protocol of work.

Go thou to the sea, the sea, of course, is the workplace for Peter who was a fisherman. Was he to go there to beg? No!

He was clearly instructed he was going there to work; “cast a hook and take up the fish that first cometh up”, it was going to be a day of blessing, but work is the protocol to it, it won’t be a toiling like he has known in the past, rather a day of little work for so much blessings, “but he gat to work” as the Americans would say.

Jesus is a miracle worker, our model for the miraculous. Why did Jesus not command the money to be put in their pockets and pulses so he could simply ask them to reach for it?

I will like to know if an offering was collected in that church for any reason that day, if that was done then credence is lent to my position on this even by common sense. The Angel transferring money into people’s accounts probably was not given the church’s own?

Akinyemi is a teacher of God’s word. This article was first published by Sahara Reporters






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