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How I held my lover in abeyance…but He eventually found me

by Church Times

By Olamide Dawodu

I never knew I could fall in love so deeply. I never knew I could be so carried away by love, I never knew I could be so crazy about someone. I could never have imagined He would be in love with me.

Meeting Him was the best thing that ever happened to me. At first, I wasn’t interested in Him. But on getting to Him, I discovered he is the most ideal person any person can meet.  He is very calm, gentle, caring, kind, loving, handsome, just a few things to say about Him.

He is someone I feel safe with while with Him. Whenever I need to pour out my mind( pain, confusion, burden e.t.c) I think of Him first, for I know that He would always have the best response for me, there is always comfort and that made me love Him more.

Though I was scared, the fear of “He can leave me at any time, He May end up breaking my heart”.
I noticed He would always stick around me. He would always say to me “Olami, I love you so much “.
I didn’t believe at first,because I never thought someone that is flawless like that could be in love with me. I ignored His proposals several times. Yet, He didn’t give up, He kept on declaring His love for me.

He said “ Olami, kindly give me a chance in your heart, let me prove the reality of my love to you.”

I said,  “Well, I have locked my heart, I don’t want to be in love at all. I don’t want to be dumped, I don’t want to be used. But He assured me that nothing of such would happen.

I thought of what to do so that He could forget me and just leave me on my own. I avoided everything [His calls, messages,chats e.t.c].

I behaved very stupidly to Him, I ran away from Him. I gave Him distance.

But he was on me on a daily basis always searching for me. He would always look for a way to reach me.
Along the line, I was in a gathering when someone talked about Him. Oh! No! I missed Him so much. I was so moved, I really love Him. I was in tears, I didn’t know why at first.

Another proposal came from Him. Yes! He proposed again. I didn’t think twice, I said YES! I want you! I want to be with you! I want to love you forever.

Words couldn’t express the joy in my heart. I realized I have kept Him waiting for too long. I have stressed Him, I have delayed His proposals.

He left the ninety-nine just because of me. I’m awed by this reckless love.
I screamed, “ How could you love someone like me, I don’t deserve it, I am guilty”.

He said, “I love you deeply, I gave everything for you, I have paid your bride price with my blood.”
I am wowed. We got engaged. Looking forward to our marriage. Till that day (rapture).

My intentional Lover, thank you for being intentional about me.

You can also find love just like me.
It is only in Jesus you can find real love…
He is someone to talk about…
He is someone to boast about confidently…
He is someone to show the whole world…
Just give Him all of you…
Let Him be the priority…
Let Him be at the center of it all…

1john 4:19 says ” We love him because he first loved us”

Yes! He is the REAL FIRST LOVE

Never take this LOVE for granted… It’s a big deal…

©Lily Lammie

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