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Leke Adeboye’s  three-year-old video generates fresh controversy

by Church Times

A three-year-old video by Leke; son of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has generated fresh controversy.

The video was re-posted recently by a blogger called Adunni Adee with a side commentary. But Leke Adeboye seems not comfortable with the video again judging by his responses.

In the less than one-minute video, the RCCG G.O son had counseled Nigerians to go back back to farming. He noted that the country had just moved from recession but is now in famine.

He lamented that the church has been getting a lot of mails from people requesting help adding also that some of the requests are frivolous.

The blogger, a widow who incidentally was a Pastor’s wife in RCCG republished the video, commending Leke Adeboye. She also threw jibes at him.

Leke’s message to blogger

But Leke Adeboye who apparently felt the blogger was being sarcastic was not comfortable with the video. He allegedly sent a private message to the blogger asking her to pull it down.

In the message he wrote, “ Auntie Adunni ma, if you want to reach me, you could have just asked for my number, which one is video now? Please kindly send me your WhatsApp number, I’m on +2348034631558 ma.

“Please note, you live in the US where there is law and order. I won’t want to sue for defamation of character. Please take the video down ma. If you have an issue with me, talk to me ma. I’m here ma. And if you don’t want to, report me to God as it seems you are not that busy ma.”

Blogger’s response

The blogger however was miffed by the plea from Adeboye’son. She insisted that she would not pull down the video.

In her response as published, she wrote, “Are you threatening me? What did I say in that video that is not what you said? I only analysed your video.

“Sue me for defamation? Do you know the true meaning? Hope you remember you posted the video on social media by yourself and it is open to public scrutiny. Also, I did not invade your privacy. But someone is invading here.”

What Leke Adeboye told Church Times

Our correspondent contacted Leke Adeboye on the phone. He was asked if indeed he sent a message to the blogger asking her to pull down the video.

He replied saying, “Actually, she can keep it up. She is hurting about something. And she can easily get it resolved. But she is enjoying Facebook fame. Our dear aunty”

He explained further that “the video was about four years old, maybe even 6 years ago. Then the government of Nigeria was giving out grants to whoever wanted to go into farming. The government was giving amounts ranging from N250k to N15 if you can show your business plan. It was a scheme the presidency was pushing. Maybe it is still on. You have to check.”

Still referring to the blogger, he said, “she has issues with the church, rather than deal with it and contact the church directly, she is looking for fame.”

He however stated he was out to follow peace adding that there is “no need for the video to be pulled down”

Blogger, has issues with RCCG?

From the tone of Leke Adeboye’s response to our correspondent, it seems the blogger was a known person to him. The blogger in her delivery had hinted that she lost her husband, a pastor in RCCG 16 years ago but that she did not get the needed attention from the church.

She said her husband had N750,000 in his account at the time he died adding however that she had to pay N500k back to RCCG because she was told her husband owed a bank.

While admitting in the video that RCCG sponsored her children’s education for two years after her husband’s demise, she said, “that was how far they could go. It was people from the Baptist Church that came to my aid. They encouraged me. They were the ones coming to tell me to stand up. I became an international business woman through their encouragement.”

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