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Leke Adeboye’s comment on artists, draws sundry reactions from Facebook users

by Church Times

A  comment by Leke Adeboye on artists who make a caricature of original pictures of people has attracted several reactions from Facebook users.

Leke is the son of Pastor Enoch Adeboye,  General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church

Leke wrote on his Facebook Page: 

The issue I have with people painting, a picture you already have that is so well taken in a studio is, I ask myself what is the point. I already have a perfectly taken nice picrure if the same thing you decided to draw. Yes it’s nice to draw but can we do an original not a copy of an original.

Some of the copy self will now make you looks like you are eating mango or something is wrong with your ears or eyes. Please just leave the original picture alone. I AM NOT Impressed with copy drawings. God bless you as you do so.

Leke Adeboye

But the comment seems not to go down well with some people who chided him for not being grateful for an artist impression of him and his wife displayed on along with the post.

One of the commentators, Jay Bemigho Silver     wrote,  

For real? someone took his or her time to draw a painting of you and you are not impressed? It may just be all the person could do to appreciate you, sir. So for every little thing let’s be grateful.

Another Gbenga Oluwamabayomije Odutolu, wrote: 

Very good morning sir, I quite appreciate your opinion and respect it. However, paint is a work of art/handiwork which should be appreciated, I know that you would have been presented your own picture in art drawing and even the one here now is still very good. Please encourage them. Moreso, it is because you are a prominent figure. Have a wonderful day sir.
But some others see the comment from a different perspective as depicted by the comment of
I can assure you Pastor Leke would not say this words to the concerned fellow, he might even have given him a gift as it is his style.
The morals here is simple, he said they should stop being a copy cat, he has the well printed original, why take your time making a fake when you can actually create an original.
This write up is not about the picture alone, it cuts across all facets of life.
Always strive to be the best.
You all commenting know this ain’t the best of this craft nah.
Ire ooh

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