Ladi Thompson raises critical issues about Tinubu’s presidency,

says, “We can’t afford a drug cartel in Nigeria”

by Church Times

 Senior Pastor of Lagos-based Living Waters Unlimited Church and the international coordinator of Macedonian Initiative Rev Ladi Thompson has raised some critical issues about  Tinubu’s presidency in a recent broadcast while also calling on Christians to intensify their prayers for the birth of a new Nigeria and also for President Bola Tinubu.

 In the broadcast, Thompson pointed out that Tinubu is a pawn in the larger spiritual construct that is after the destiny of Nigeria.

 He said, “Any family that has had to deal with the drug addiction problem will know that if there is one thing we can’t afford in this country is for a nation whose borders are porous and corruption-ridden to become user-friendly to drug baron that it now becomes a paradise for illegal drug merchants from all over the world.

 “This is something we can’t afford. We can’t allow Nigeria become a drug cartel paradise. This is what we are battling in the offing.”

 He pleaded with righteous men to join hands to put up a monitor and a watch on the drug cartels and doors open that will try to exploit so as to stop them from making Nigeria their home.

While noting that President Tinubu is not beyond salvage, he said there is a need to pray that “God will shatter the demonic illusions of grandeur that are powering his inordinate ambition.” 

 Thompson who is also a security consultant recalled some of the controversies surrounding President Tinubu’s early years and the false claims about his primary and secondary education saying, “We are going to have to get to join our hands together and pray for the life of this man, and for God to open the eyes of his understanding.”

 He also called for repentance on the part of the Church noting that “the Eagles had no reasons to fly at the same level as bats. So, we must repent, ask for God’s forgiveness and ask God to cleanse this disgrace, where one man emboldened by powers of darkness, put one hand behind his back and defeated the whole Nigeria church put together.”

 Earlier in his broadcast, Thompson who predicted the coming of Boko Haram long before it started in Nigeria said the Muslim Muslim presidency portends a lot of danger for Nigeria.

 While alluding to what happened in Kaduna, he said, the MM ticket is an opening of the floodgates of bloodshed for an imminent genocide never in the history of Nigeria.

 “We heard the kind of bloodshed that took place in Kaduna State because of this MMT that was voted at the governorship level.

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 “Now, we have brought that MMT to the federal level. And one of the side effects that nobody seems to understand is this. When the colonial masters left us, they gave us a nation that was engineered to keep failing without falling.

 “And that is because of the precarious balance that they did in such a way that it was necessary for us to have a Muslim-dominated north that needed a counterbalance of a weighty Christian South to keep the nation failing without falling.

 “Now, the moment you remove the counterbalance, you open the floodgates of hell. The last time an African country did this was in 1994. They took a part of the colonial equation without having an understanding because they say Africans are emotive, intuitive, unscientific, and incapable of critical thought. And when they did that in that African nation, I.2 million people were slaughtered within one hundred days.”

 He said the imbalance created in that country is nothing compared to what President Tinubu’s  ambition, “unknowingly has done to the precarious balance that was holding Nigeria.”

Thompson however assured that the star of Nigeria will rise again.

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