Kola Oyewo: My battle with prostate enlargement

by Church Times

Foremost thespian and former Head of the Department of Performing Arts at the Redeemers University, Dr Kola Oyewo has shared his experience with prostate enlargement while also exuding so much faith and confidence in God.

He gave the account during a visit to his house by a blogger, Kunle Afod, and his longtime friend and professional colleague Mr. Peter Fatomilola.

Oyewo who spoke in Yoruba language in the shared video said his experience with the deadly ailment was debilitating.

He gave a graphic account of how he went through several surgical procedures to the point he decided not to do any further operation.

His visits to the hospital started in 2019 when he realised he could no longer urinate properly. He said he had to undergo an emergency surgery so he could live.

“The doctors said the surgery had to be done so I could stay alive. My blood count was already very low by that time. They said the enlargement was draining my blood fast.” Oyewo recalled.

He had to report home to his wife who at that time was also sick to inform her about the intended surgery.

The surgeries

“I thought the end had come. I went to tell my wife who had been sick since 2017 at that time and told her we never can tell, perhaps I would be the one that would go (die) before you. We kissed each other and I went to submit myself to the doctors for the surgery.”

The surgery was successful. But he still had to go for another surgery and then another one.

He said it got to a point that he could no longer bear the pain of the medical experiments which he described as “punishment”.

“I had to tell the doctors I was no longer interested in any surgery.” He recounted.

By that time, the doctors had performed an extreme surgery involving the removal of his scrota and had also done a bypass on his urinary tract to aid his urination.

Now healthy

Oyewo who also lectured at the Ekiti State University will be 78 in March. He said he was now very okay and would prefer to live like that until he is called to the great beyond.

Now looking healthy, he told his guests he had been part of a few film productions since he survived the ailment.

While acknowledging that some of his colleagues in the theatre industry have come to visit, he said he had warned that nobody should go begging on his behalf adding that his children have been taking care of him.

“As you can see I am okay and fine.”He said.

Earlier in the conversation with his visitors, he recounted how about six people including a member of his Church died as a result of prostate issue.

His son, Wale Oyewo who lectures at the Osun State University told Church Times in an interview that his father is a man of faith. “I thank God for his life. He does not want to be a liability to anybody. He is a testimony of what it means to live by faith. I give thanks to God he is doing well.”

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