Kidnap: How God shielded Salvation Ministries’ Akwa Ibom pastor from abduction

by Church Times

Kidnap: How God shielded Salvation Ministries’ Akwa-Ibom pastor  from abduction


Pastor Ibiyeomie, Founder of Salvation Ministries

A man whose name was withheld has explained how God arrested him and how his colleagues ran mad in the process of trying to kidnap the pastor of the Akwa Ibom branch of Salvation Ministries.

The man whose face was shielded from camera gave testimony of the awesome power of God at the church’s headquarters in Portharcourt this morning.

He said he and his gang made several unsuccessful attempts to kidnap the pastor of the Akwa Ibom branch in the month of January.

He said the first day he made the move to go for the operation, somebody in the public bus he boarded approached him, warning him to desist from the operation he was about to embark on. “The person told me if i go and try to do what I was planning i would not return alive.  He was saying so to me and I was embarrassed in the bus”

Incidentally, the person warning him was from Salvation Ministries judging by the tract he gave him after he  had finished preaching to him.

At first, he said he was taken aback by the warning of the man wondering how the man got to know he was going to do something ungodly. But he later shrugged off the warning and still went ahead with the plan.

As God would have it, the operation did not succeed that day as he and his other accomplice could not carry out the surveillance on the premises of the church and where the pastor lived that day.

He said the atmosphere of the church in Akwa Ibom was too hot for him. He and his gang left the church that day only to repeat their visit on the third day of a special programme tagged five Nights of Glory.

This time round, the man said he and his colleagues in crime decided to shoot into the air to scare the congregation while a bus had been stationed to take away the pastor.

As they tried to do the shooting, two of his colleagues in the operation ran mad, two others were apprehended by the police in the stampede while he managed to escape by the whiskers.

But his escape did not solve the problem. He said, “Since I escape from the scene, I have not known rest as I have been tormented by some invincible force asking me to go and make confession in the church of the evil we wanted to perpetrate or I risk death.”

He said the continuous torture he experienced from an invincible hand prompted his public confession of the attempted kidnap.

The founder and Senior Pastor of the Church, Pastor David Ibiyeomie then took some minutes to lead the congregation  to pray against such future plans shortly after the man’s testimony while assuring the congregation that God is with them




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