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Jesus’ Movement emphasises need for reformation in Church

by Church Times

By Peace Odekunle

The convener of the Jesus’ Movement, Apostle David Ikhielea, has emphasised the need for reformation in the Church and the need for preachers to return to the teachings of Jesus.

He made the emphasis at the 2024 edition of the Jesus Movement Conference which was held in Lagos on Saturday, April 13.

The Jesus Movement conference was organised by Reaching the Body of Christ pastored by Ikhielea in collaboration with two chapters of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria in Lagos. The theme of the conference was “Catalyzing Spiritual Reformation.”

Ikhielea who is an advocate of reformation and the need for pastors to make Jesus their focus in their preachings, said at the conference that the Church can’t make appreciable progress until there is a reformation.

Bishop Abraham Olaleye, his wife, Gbemi Olaleye, Apostle David Ikhielea and his wife, Victoria at the Jesus Movement Conference in Lagos on Saturday


According to him, the reformation has to touch every part of the church from the pulpit to the pew.

The whole idea about reformation in his words “is to bring the church back to the original purpose of its existence which is to preach Christ and Christ alone”

Drawing from the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18:30-39 he pointed out that the altar has to be put in order before revival can happen.

He emphasized that “Repentance and the kingdom should be the primary focus of any man of God. The kingdom should be our priority, not the things that are supposed to follow us.”

He also emphasised the importance of holiness in the Christian life. He explained that many churches today have reversed priorities, prioritizing minor issues while ignoring the fundamental purpose of the church which is holiness. “we are called to be holy” he said.

Jesus’ message


Bishop Abraham Olaleye

Also at the event was the Overseer of The Pentecostal Congregation, Bishop Abraham Olaleye who delivered the second message.

He took an excursion through the Old Testament starting from the story of Adam. He underscored the essence of Jesus’ crucifixion for the redemption of man using the scriptures.

Olaleye stressed the importance of rededicating one’s life to Christ, following His example, and not taking an eye for an eye. “In Christianity, you don’t take vengeance,” He emphasized.

He pointed out that many people end up practicing syncretism because they struggle to grasp the teachings of the Bible. “What many who claim to be Christians are practicing is a mixture of Judaism, African traditional religion, and Christianity.

“They have no clue about the Old Testament scriptures and how they point us to Christ. Rather, they take the teachings of the Old Testament at face value”

Church is about faith in God

He also made it clear that reformation is necessary to get back to the roots and the original purpose of the Church noting that the Christian faith has lost some of its original spark.

Olaleye, an evangelist by calling noted for instance that many preachers take on assignments that are contrary to the Bible.

He said, “Nobody is called by God to make people rich or take people out of poverty. The church is about having faith in God and not the faith to become rich in material things. Already Christians have been blessed with all spiritual blessings that is why God gave us gifts for the perfecting of the body”

church reformation

Pastor David Asehon, and Pastor J.K.D Adeleye addressing an issue during the panel session

Panel session

The event also featured a panel session moderated by Pastor Ikhielea with Bishop Abraham Olaleleye, Pastor David Asehon, and Pastor J.K.D Adeleye sharing their perspectives on the “substitute gospel” and the “full gospel”.

They painted a graphic picture of how many pastors have replaced the gospel with their thoughts, human traditions, and elemental practices.

Ikhielea emphasised during the panel session that “Jesus heals, prospers and delivers, but the church should be steadfast and always put Jesus Christ as the message. No more or less.” he said.

State of the Church

In a later interview with Church Times both Apostle Ikehiela and Bishop Olaleleye expressed deep concerns about the direction of the church.

He said, “The church keeps forgetting to seek God rather we are seeking things that Jesus promised will follow us. That is the tragedy of the modern church”

Apostle Ikhielea said the conference was designed to create awareness for pastors to return to Jesus’ message and also to remind people of their main purpose on earth and the need to make God their pursuit. “That is our objective with this yearly conference. We are confident that one day many erring preachers will return to Jesus’ message. That is the only way the Church can truly be the salt of the world” he said.

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