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The kind of message the church should preach now by Engr. Abiodun Oni

by Church Times


It is very important for us on God’s Agenda for Nigeria to have a critical appraisal of the title of this discussion. Personally, I am grieved and humiliated to be part

of a Church that has failed our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in the misrepresentation of the omnipotence and omniscience of the Godhead.integrity

However, I noticed millions of Christians and Christian leaders were agitating for the Church, which by the way has been classified along with the Entertainment social sector, to reopen. And now that we have reopened, by courtesy of the government, what next? 

My answer to the above question is …nothing has changed. We are back to the same old forms, formats, and routine that brought us to a position of weakness and inability to offer a spiritual solution to a scourge that neither science nor medicine has a solution to. What a golden opportunity we have missed!

I will like to prove that the Church needs to be prophecy driven. If we would do this, there shall be a level of cohesion and unity which would bring synergy and amplification of our collective spiritual capacities. It will also manifest the power of God because God’s prophecies are God’s infallible words spoken in advance to provide visionary direction of how God is thinking and His intent for our nation and the Nigerian people.


Failing to do this will bring us to the same fate as the seven Churches in the book of Revelation …sooner than later.


I am therefore addressing the Pentecostal Churches and the Orthodox Churches who embrace that prophecies and the gifts of the Spirit are still active today.

  • There must be a New Church Order. This is nothing new. A new church order started on the Day of Pentecost. The Church is presently 32% of the world population or 2.4 billion. Compared to Judaism, which was the old church order then, which is roughly 0.12% or 9 million people. The manifestation of the Holy Spirit is what empowered the new church order then. It is still available today.
  • While we are waiting for this, there are some immediate actions to spur the new church order. It is about activating numerous prophecies by recognized prophets since the 1970s. I will like to draw our attention to that by Pa Elton because it encapsulates the others in one form or the other.


  • “Nigeria and Nigerians will be known all over the world for corruption. Your name – Nigeria will stink corruption … 
  • But after a while, a new phase will come- a phase of righteousness. People from  the nations of the earth will hold a Nigerian and say – We want to follow you to your  nation and to go and learn righteousness.”


  • Hitherto, prophecies are treated as topical. No, Daniel clarified this in the book of Daniel chapter 9 in which he drew God’s attention as if God didn’t know, to the prophecy of Jeremiah which is in Jeremiah 29:10-11. God then opened up to Prophet Daniel a revelation of the Endtime because God must have been glad …that someone was checking up on HIM through His Word!
  • This is my strategic plan for what is next for the Church. Run with this prophecy. The first part has come to pass. And honestly, it should not get worse than this before it starts to get better. Let us activate this prophecy together throughout all Pentecostal and Orthodox Churches. Others will join us when they see the manifestation of the power of God being unleashed through His prophetic word.
  • How do we do this? Train our members on the infallibility and inerrancy of God’s prophecies. 
  • Since the first part of this prophecy has come to pass, the second part as a nation that is first on integrity …better than both Singapore and Denmark that hold joint first on Transparency International Perception Index of 8.7/10. Nigeria is presently  2.6/10 …in 2019… shall come to pass. 
  • Train church members on Integrity for the next 6 months from pews to pulpits, the Church must demonstrate integrity. In other words, the proverb that Pastors are corrupt must be nullified first in the Church. Proverb 14:34 comes alive. 
  • After this send our members out into the social sectors to demand and enforce righteousness and integrity in all dealings. In this, we shall use the social media and market-driven campaigns and other moves of the Holy Spirit to amplify the message and make it effective. It is His project!
  • The result: taking the battle to the gates of hell and Islam. This spiritual strategy is waging a war to dethrone the spirit of corruption, the spirit of poverty, the spirit of mammon, the spirit of Islam (corrupt spirit) and idolatry, and so on.
  • The church reclaims the spiritual space over Nigeria and the Kingdom of God which is manifest according to Romans 14:17 in righteousness, peace, and joy in the  Holy Spirit becomes established amongst us.
  • Within five years, I believe, the second part of Pa Elton’s prophecy shall be in full swing. People of the world are amazed as to Nigeria’s transformation. African nations and people begin to call us to help transform their nations.
  • And since righteousness exalts a nation, Nigeria begins to blossom and prosper as an offshoot of Israel in Africa.

It has been proved …and God’s prophecy has come to pass. Q.E.D Let’s do this


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