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‘I did not see any of the three leading presidential candidates in Aso Rock”

...says unusual peace will come over Nigeria

by Church Times
A prophet, Kehinde Oluwafunso has said it is not likely any of the three presidential candidates make it to Aso Rock .
He made the submission in a statement itemising some of the things God told him concerning 2023.
Oluwafunso a twin, said God told him all the leading candidates however needed to be prayed for to avert sudden death.
Though he did not reveal the person who will make it to Aso Rock he said, ‘ of the three leading candidates I did not see any of them. But we need to pray for them and pray for Nigeria for peace to reign’
He said there is no respite yet concerning kidnapping urging parents to keep an eye on their children as evil men are on the prowl to kidnap children
Oluwafunso said In the statement that terrorism will increase this year adding also that Ondo state will witness an upsurge  in violence.
While calling for prayers against boat mishap, he said ‘ I saw capsized boats on the waters. We should pray for peace and safety over our waters and seas’
He said further,  ‘The Holy Spirit told me that we should pray for our Armed Forces, especially,  the  Air Force, so that the enemy will not overcome them this year.
‘There will be a serious flood this year, so we should pray for mercy,  peace,  and safety from above and that the government should take the necessary precautions.’
America and some Western Nations according to him ‘should be very careful and  watchful of terror attacks this year, let us pray for God’s protection over these nations’
‘Some West and Southern African nations will  face crisis and perhaps coup detats , let’s pray for peace. There will be military uprisings in nations we least expect’
He pleaded with families and homes to pray very seriously, because strange things will be happening this year.
‘The Holy Spirit told me that iniquities will increase in the church this year. But they won’t go unpunished. There will be a major shaking in the church this year’ Oluwafunso said
He called for prayers for ‘our women leaders in the country. We should pray for our youth leaders in the country too.
“There will be an upsurge of unwanted pregnancies cases, parents should warn their daughters and show them the way of God’
While also calling for prayers for Nollywood, he said ‘The Holy Spirit told me there will be a peace that will come over Nigeria to reign, for God will show Nigeria, His mercy.
 He said God can still avert the evil ahead if only we can rise up as a people, humble our hearts and repent of our sins and  iniquities.*’

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