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Children pick their parents at conception says US-based medical practitioner @ Olaye’s daughter’s engagement ceremony 

says a happy home is harbinger of good things

by Church Times

A United States-based medical practitioner, Dr. Omatsola Etchie has said there is a strong probability that children decide their parents at conception But he agrees there is yet no scientific proof for his assertion.


Etchie is the founder and proprietor of a Multi-Office Medical Practice based in California, US.

He made the submission at the traditional engagement ceremony of Ibironke Olaye, daughter of the proprietor of Ayoola Foods. Engr. Segun Olaye.

From Left Engr Segun Olaye, his wife, Nathalia, Sameuel, Ibironke, Mrs Odidison and her husband Captain Odidison

 The ceremony took place on December 23, 2022, at the Federal Palace Hotel. It was graced by a wide range of people cutting across class, race, and creed.

 Ibironke got engaged to Solly Odidison, son of Captain and Mrs. Sonny Odidison

 As the chairman of the occasion, Etchie began his speech with a blessing song, praying that the couple would be fruitful and see their grandchildren.

 He then gave a brief sermon on how children pick their parents stressing that a peaceful home is always a harbinger of good things.

 According to him, couples who live in harmony have a greater chance of attracting children to their homes.

 “Children pick their parents and not the other way round. They choose where they want. They see the life couples live and are attracted to that life. It is the life their parents live that endears them to the home.” he said.

 He enjoined the couple to live in harmony and love. He added however that it takes the wife to make the home.

 “If couples determine to make their marriage work it will work. It takes the wife to make a home. I am confident that this couple will make a good home because they are well brought up.” he said.

 While noting there is no marriage where couples don’t disagree, he counseled, “I will encourage you to solve all disagreements before you go to bed.”

 He pleaded with the couple to put God at the centre of their marriage. ‘Allow God to take the lead. Let him be the centre. Pray together. Study the word of God together and don’t allow the enemy to have the upper hand in your marriage”

 Giving further insight into his postulation, Etchie told Church Times in a later interview that he does not believe children come by chance to the womb of a woman.

No scientific evidence yet

 “It is true there is no scientific evidence to prove my position now. But I believe with time science will get to that point of knowing how children pick their parents.

Engr Segun Olaye and his wife, Natalia Olaye

 “It is a subject I am interested in. I am also working on it from my own end. I believe since man is a spirit and we come from God, there is that ability in us when we were yet unborn to determine where we want to be born. I don’t believe it is random. Anybody who interacts with a newborn baby will see the evidence”

 He cited examples of other technological breakthroughs and scientific discoveries. “The technology and scientific breakthroughs we see today have always been there. It’s only that they were discovered at a particular time when God grants us the grace to know them.”

 Citing  Albert Einstein’s law of relativity, he said, “there are things that will become clear to us with time. I believe with time there will be a scientific explanation for my position. The first thing is to believe there is God. If you agree we are spirit and come from God, you will not have difficulty believing that children pick their parents. The spirit can see both seen and unseen.”

Engr Olaye and his daughter dancing at the engagement ceremony

 He explained that “when there is no harmony in the home there are chances that women are 60 percent responsible and this is not to say men are blameless. But then women have to pick their values and make their home what they want it to be.

 “When there is harmony, chances of getting pregnant are high. If there is so much bickering in the home, it may affect their chances of conception. But then we need to understand that it is not every man or woman whose home is harmonious that has children easily”

 He noted further that the fertility rate is going down globally adding however “that one cannot declare a couple infertile until after 12 months of access to one another in an atmosphere of love. If a man is not always at home within those 12 months the woman may not conceive.

 “The couple also has to check their emotional liability. In some cases, it could be the time of the month conception is about to take place that they are not together. Peace and harmony in the home make things work better for the family.”Etchie said.

The engagement ceremony

Ibironke and Samuel Odidison

 The ceremony attracted dignitaries, family members, friends, and associates of the newly engaged couple. Both the low and high in society were well represented at the event.

 Father of the bride, Engr. Olaye and his wife, Natalia showed their love for tradition, family life, and friends.  There was no airs. It was a down-to-earth family celebration with friends and well-wishers feeling a great deal at home.

 The ceremony started around 12 noon and lingered through the night. Brand ambassador of Poundo Yam. Odunlade Kolade was the compere at the event.

 80-year-old Idowu Philips (mama rainbow) was also there with a number of other respectable leaders in the society and captains of industries. Old Students Association of Olivet Baptist High School maintained a visible presence to felicitate Engr Olaye also an old student of the school.

The Deputy Controller General of Customs, Mrs. Grace Adeyemo supervised the cutting of the cake.

 The couples exuded love, glamour, and utmost simplicity beaming with smiles in their native attires. There was plenty to eat and drink in an atmosphere of comradeship. It was a night many who attended will not forget in a hurry.

Old students of Olivet Baptist School at the engagement ceremony


Story by Gbenga Osinaike

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