Bakare presents eight-paragraph petition to God, says, “I never wanted to collect the APC presidential form”

Asks God to fulfil what He told him in 1967

by Church Times

Pastor of Citadel Global Community Church, Dr. Tunde Bakare has presented an eight-paragraph petition to God, urging him to fulfill his word concerning what he told him in 1967.

 He made the petition on Sunday, January 8 in the presence of some members of the church.

 In the petition, he said God appeared to him on the 10th of April 1967 in a vision and told him what his role would be in the future of Nigeria.  

 He declared, “I believe in your word then I believe in Project 16, 55 years after.”

 He said he never wanted to collect the APC presidential form saying,  “On Thursday, April 14 2022 before I went to bed, I solemnly told three of my allies, Dr. Segun Oshinaga, Pastor Sola Adesoye, and Tope Adebayo Esq that I will not take the APC presidential form no matter what because it violates my long-held principle of prudence in managing God’s resources.”

 But he said about 2 am on Friday, April 15, 2022, God came to him and said He did not go to the cross as God and that He did not send an angel to die for mankind. “You said to me you took the form of man and went to the cross to die. And then you charged me.

 You instructed me to take the APC presidential form and leave the rest to me.” Bakare said.

 He then declared, “Lord, I declare this day before the church and before our online community that I did exactly what you asked me to do

 “I did not bribe any delegate or seduce any other presidential candidate to step down for me neither did I step down for anybody

 “Right there at the eagle square on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, I stepped up before those present and  before those watching at home and abroad, I stepped up in line with your instruction to be the 16th president of Nigeria”

 He then prayed, “dear Lord according to your word written by David your servant in Psalm 20v7-9, some trust in chariots and some in horses. But we will remember the name of the Lord God our God. They are bowed down and fallen. But we are risen and stand upright. Save Lord, may the king answer us when we call.

 “Consequent upon this petition brought before the court of heaven this day Sunday, January 8 2023 our creative and turnaround year, I pray Lord that you do your part as you promised.

 “Go ahead in our nation, do your part. Make the impossible possible. Silence the mouth of the adversary. Weaken the strong. Strengthen the feeble. Let Nigeria rejoice one more time. We decree, declare and ask heaven that Nigeria will be saved. changed, and great in my lifetime. Thank you, father, son, and the holy spirit in Jesus’ mighty name”

 Bakare who dressed in legal regalia later asked the church to pray from Psalm 20 while he responded with amen.


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