I am a Biafran but I don’t support deception- Anwuzie

by Church Times


Charles Anwuzie

An information technology expert and pastor based in South Africa, Charles  Anwuzie has decried the deception employed by the leadership of the Independent People of Biafra expressing worry that the leadership is going about the struggle the wrong way.


In a Facebook post on his wall today October 23, Anwuzie noted that the purported live broadcast by Nnamdi Kanu from Israel was not true but rather a recorded video.


He wrote, “On 19th of this month, the Nigerian cyberspace stood still as IPOB’s missing leader, Nnamdi Kanu appeared in what looked like a Facebook Live video ‘broadcast’ from Israel. My brothers around the world believed that the broadcast was truly LIVE so I made a post to calm them down. I even mentioned the software they used to broadcast the video yet I was ignored.”


He said he was vindicated when it was reported that the Israeli Government denied the presence of Nnamdi Kanu in their country suggesting that the video was an old recording.


Anwuzie wrote further, “I celebrate the smartness of IPOB’s leadership. They are truly smart. But I am worried.
My worry is that they are bringing in deception and manipulation into this sacred struggle. I am a Biafran and I desire the independence of Biafra like every Biafran…. But if the leaders of our struggle are already repeating the old sins of Nigeria in our dream nation, I am afraid that we may end up with a nightmare.”

He noted further that “Nnamdi Kanu is a smart man – the smartest and bravest in recent times. I adore him. But those close to him should advise him to calm down. It is clear that he is not in Israel. Sending a signal that he is in Israel is very dangerous because the young Biafran in Aba could take to the streets with the hope that the international community including the state of Israel is behind his struggle. And when he gets killed, Israel will consider him a rebel who got executed by a legitimate government.”


The South Africa based Nigerian pastor wrote in the post that he had expected Nnamdi Kanu to make real deals with a few powerful countries by now. “He should have been granted official asylum by a real country from where he would operate openly from – just like Assange. Let his lawyers apply for asylum on his behalf in Biafra – friendly countries. This way, he will be recognized and protected by the United Nations in the country that granted him asylum.”


He pleaded with the Ibo race to “continue with their normal life. Take 2019 serious. Don’t fall for untrue claims. Be intelligent. Our struggle can only make sense if we do it in truth and with intelligence. Don’t get emotional with a complex struggle. You will lose your life and your leader will remember his dog’s name and not yours.”

In closing his post he wrote, “Use your brain. My prayers are with Nnamdi Kanu. At least, we now know that he is alive. And we also know that he is not in Israel and has no links with Israel.
Truth prevails always…. Even in this struggle for self-actualization. Maranatha.”

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