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How we got 800 acres of land for RCCG in Dallas -Adeboye

by Church Times

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Pastor Enoch Adeboye  has given an account of how the church got over 800 acres of land for its redemption camp in Dallas Texas.

He gave the account while preaching on  “God of wonders” at the RCCG headquarters in Lagos on Sunday February 5.

 Adeboye said during one of his trips to the US, God told him the headquarters of the RCCG will be in Dallas. At that time the church was not in the US. And there was no clue on how the church will acquire land for the camp.

He said he shared what God told him with those with him on the trip and they all said amen.

114 acres given out for free

Years after, one of those on the US trip with him went to eat in a restaurant in Dallas. An American was also In that restaurant and got to know the person was an African missionary.

 The American told him God had asked him to buy some plots of land a few years earlier and that God was telling him to give the land to him. 

 Adeboye said both the American and his “son” went to check the land and found out it was 114 acres of land. ‘ “That was how we got a redemption camp in Dallas. When I went to see the land with that my son and some others, I was so excited that I asked that they should allow me to pray to thank God.  

 “I stayed back on the land while they left. I was walking around the land and thanking God. But the cold was too much, I had to enter the car again but was still praying. When I was a bit warm I came out of the car and started thanking God and the Lord spoke to me and said the house close to the 114 acres of land was mine and he asked me to walk around, that as far as my eyes could see would be yours.”

KKK movement

 Adeboye said he shared what God told him with his team: ‘Today we have more than 800 acres of land there. The place God gave us is the headquarters of an organisation called KKK. It was an organisation that used to roast black people for fun

Two years later the owner of the neighbouring property put out a notice for the sale of the property. He said he had been feeling restless two years earlier about the property.

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 Adeboye who had earlier narrated how God met his needs on several occasions said “When I became G.O, the entire income of the church was less than my monthly salary as a senior lecturer in the University. I collected my gratuity because I had worked for some years with the government and said this is big money. At least I could manage it till the church grows

There is a story to the glory

 “Suddenly I realised I was under a new manager. I thought I could save some. So I asked God what to do with the money. And he said to me, to divide it into three and he asked me to give it to three different ministries. He said, son, I will be your source.

 “So if you see the glory of today, there is a story behind it. If you want to know the secret go to the God of wonders. Anywhere you need help, He will be there waiting for you. If you don’t have the God of wonders your season of wonders will be short. It is up to you” he said.


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