“How my mother passed to glory @ Deeper Life Camp Ground”  

by Church Times

Pastor at Agape Generation International Church, Dr. Shade Toyin Kehinde has recounted how her mother passed to eternity at the Deeper Life Camp Ground in 2016 at the age of 64.

She gave the account on Sunday, February 25 at the concluding session of the yearly Global Mandate Conference hosted by the church.

Shade Toyin-Kehinde is the wife of Rev Toyin Kehinde, the convener of the GMC. She is also the convener of All Ladies Affairs and an entrepreneur.

Her mother was an active member of the Deeper Life Bible Church and had served as women’s leader and as an usher in the church before she passed on.

Beyond being an usher, she was involved in preparing the female hostel at the campground of the church for participants for the yearly camp meeting.

She wanted to stop ushering

Pastor Shade Toyin-Kehinde however recalled that a year before she passed on, she wanted to stay away from the ushering work because of the stress. And she needed to tell her pastor.

“But the day she dressed up to go meet her pastor, the holy spirit spoke to her, telling her he was not giving her any permission. If the holy spirit was not giving her permission to quit ushering, that means her pastor would not give her. That was how she did not go to meet her pastor to be excused from the ushering work,” Shade Toyin-Kehinde recalled.

Unknown to her mother, the following year was when she would transit to eternity.

“The following year she went to the camp meeting as usual and did all she needed to do. She was there two days before the camp meeting, preparing the female hostel along with others for that year’s programme.

“On the morning of the camp meeting, she gathered all those working with her and gave them instructions, telling them to give attention to the work of God. She assured them that God would reward them; that God does not owe any man.

“She then requested that she would like to pray with them before they start the ushering work.  Then, one of the workers requested that she wanted to go and use the toilet and that Mama should wait for her because she did not want to miss any part of the prayers. And my mother said, you can go and use the toilet, but I don’t want any hindrance on my way. If you meet the prayer while we are praying fine.

And then she passed on

“Before the lady came back, she had started praying for the team of workers with her. While she was praying, within a minute or two, they did not hear her voice again.

“It was while she was praying, that she was transported. When she was saying I don’t want any hindrance on my way, she already saw the chariot around to take her. I learnt that year at the camp meeting many were going to that room where she died to pray to God desiring her kind of transition”

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Pastor Shade Toyin-Kehinde then used the opportunity to encourage the missionaries to keep serving until they are called home adding that, “When the time comes, we will receive the crown of glory”

She also took time to appreciate all those who have supported the four-day mission conference.

She expressed confidence that the GMC would in the future attract missionaries from all over the world.





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