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How my hunchback disappeared- Pastor Zadoc…says, “God has rejected Buhari”

by Church Times


Pastor Chinedu Zachod is the founder of freedom Love International Ministry located at market bus-stop Iyana Sachi area Lagos. He is from Amikin town Nwam South, Anambra State. He spoke with Nkwocha

How is your family sir?
Well I am married with four children. I am not one of those pastors who dont live with their wives because if a man of God is not living with his wife, it makes him very vulnerable to temptation that is why pastors are often advised to get married before they start a church. It is very important.

What is the exact Mandate of this Ministry?
The mandate of this ministry is to make the destinies of our members glorious. Our watch word is that the devil cannot afford the fare to our destiny because our destiny is glorious. We also have our major mandate, which is to preach the gospel of salvation and ensure that the sinner is converted to Christ.

How Did you Encounter Christ?
I encountered Christ the way Apostle Paul, that was formally known as Saul, encountered Christ. I am an orphan I don’t even know my father or mother, my uncle fostered me, when I was 9 years, I had kyphosis (Hunchback) they took me to many places, all to no avail, until I was taken to a catholic priest. The priest told them that I have a call to be a servant and minister of God, He told them to take me to a coconut plantation in the afternoon by 1pm, my people obliged and took me to a coconut plantation, and the hunchback vanished miraculously.
I later moved to Ekiti State I began my school in the state, when I was about 13 to 14 years, on a particular day in school, we were having practical. I was standing in the midst of my fellow students, all of a sudden, I felt life leave my legs, before people around could discover what was happening to me, I fell down and became paralyzed, I became crippled, how it happened, what brought such doom around me, was not known to me. My people started taking me to different churches, they took me round to many churches until they came to a particular church and left me there. I lived in the church for nine months it was in the process that I got born again and accepted Christ as my lord and saviour, I started praying for people before I knew what was happening, God started using me to perform miracles, the very first miracle God used me for was that of child delivery.
A certain woman had carried her baby in the womb for one year and four months this is abnormal because, we all know that nine months is the normal duration for child delivery. The woman had gone to several places until she came in contact with me as a cripple. I prayed for her and told her that she should get ready to fight between 12am and 1am the middle of the night, behold at aboout 12am, the woman was delivered of a baby boy; miracoulously, God made me whole again, I discovered that I could walk again, I was very ecstatic, how it happened, I couldn’t comprehend but what mattered to me, was that I was normal again that was the genesis of what you’re seeing me do today.

How old is this ministry and how did the ministry start?
To be very sincere, how the ministry started is beyond human comprehension and reasoning, when I got married newly, people always visited me at home for me to pray for them, I will just pray for them before I knew what was happening people started seeing me one after the another, when one person enters to see me, the other will wait and take number, I was just a worker in the Redeemed Christian Church of God by then, before I knew what was happening people started gathering and clapping hands in my house, thus, I was compelled to go Winners Chapel Bible School. But I just did that to fulfill all righteousness, I was not ready to do the job, on a particular day, I was coming back from bible school when an old man ran to me and told me that he has gotten a place for worship for us , the old man’s wife was having difficulty in delivery, after praying for her that very day she was brought to me, on their way back home, she was delivered of her baby, right at the bus-stop.
The old man did that out of joy for what the Lord has done for him. We started the ministry there, it was just a weekly non-denominational service, but later people insisted that we start Sunday service, that was exactly how the ministry started.

Sir, who is your mentor?
My mentor is Pastor E.A. Adeboye he is the man of God, I love him so much his humility drives me crazy. He is a man of God that loves and serves God in totality, don’t mind what people are saying about him, he is a real father and I love him dearly.

What do you have to say concerning the next election do you see Buhari retaining power?
No, God has rejected Buhari, he will not rule us in 2019 the cry of the children of God has gotten to him and he rejected him, we are still going to have a northern leader, but it will not be Buhari; the anger of the Lord is upon him.

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