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Awake Great Britain!

by Church Times

By Pastor Wale Babatunde
I count it such a great privilege to be asked to write for The Church Times.
As a way of introduction, I am Wale Babatunde, the Senior Minister of the World Harvest Christian Centre, a ministry I pioneered almost two and a half decades ago. This was in direct response to a missionary call by God from my country of birth, Nigeria, to join the end-time army that will usher in the much-awaited revival in Britain, and the second coming of Jesus Christ.
Our last Day of Prayer for the Nation was held on Saturday, 14th April 2018, in Manchester, England. This meeting was our latest installment of a series of prayer gatherings that we have held around Britain for over two decades. These meetings have been held in other strategic places such as Wales, London, Northampton, East Sussex, Shropshire, Southend-on-sea, Essex, England, and several times at the seat of power – Westminster.
The primary reasons why we have been organising these meetings is to “awaken the sleeping giant”; plead with God to restore the lost glory of this once great nation, and send us revival.
Anyone conversant with the history of this great nation will agree with me that this nation used to be a formidable force among the committee of nations – this, in itself, was due to the fact that our forebears embraced the Christian Faith, and built the foundation of modern Britain on Judeo-Christian principles and values. An in-depth research has been done in my trilogy – “Great Britain Has Fallen; Awake! Great Britain; and Great Men And Women That Made Great Britain Great”.
Holding hands together to intercede for our great nation has a lasting impact which benefits not only Great Britain but its people and the world at large. As a small island, we have from time in memorial influenced the world and still stand strong.
Firstly, the people are exposed to strategic information about the rich Judeo-Christian heritage of our nation. It will amaze you that a large percentage of the British population are ignorant of this aspect of their history. For example, most people I believe will be unaware that 33% of the clubs that play in the premiership in England, including Aston Villa, Tottenham, Southampton, Everton, Liverpool and Manchester City were either started in the church or by Christians. Coming together and interceding connects us to our roots and unearths a hunger for the God who has brought us thus far.
Secondly, the prayer meetings promote Christian Unity, as the participants come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds – Baptist, Anglican, Methodist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, etc.; and alsodifferent ethnic and national backgrounds. It is on record that these meetings – hosted by a Nigerian, a “black person” often attract several indigenes, which is something not common.
Thirdly, we not only partner with Christian Clergies, but it is common for us to have in attendance, Christian businessmen and women, politicians, and Christians in media, sports and entertainment.
Furthermore, out of these meetings, we have raised support for social projects in different parts of Africa. An example is the building of a school and clinic in the nation of Liberia. We have also supported orphans and the socially ostracised, bringing the love of Christ and man to them.
It is also worth mentioning that these projects, and others in the UK, benefit not only the Christian Community, but also people from other faiths, and sometimes, no faith.
Serving my nation of adoption, Great Britain has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. I, therefore, deem it an honour to champion these days of prayer which will by the Grace of God, one day contribute to the revival and transformation of this great land.
My ministry website is www.worldharvest.org.uk, and my contact details are; email – admin@worldharvest.org.uk; phone – 02073588080, 02086545648.

Pastor Wale Babatunde is a child of destiny! He was born in Nigeria, amidst supernatural circumstances baffling medical personnel. He is the fifth of six children. He received his education to university level in his country of birth. It was while he was in secondary school, attending the revival service of the late Prophet T.O. Obadare, that he gave his life to Jesus.
Right from his conversion, Pastor Wale had always taken the things of God seriously. He served in various roles – as a chorister and worship leader, prison co-ordinator, hospital, bus, and street preacher. He started preaching the gospel in 1986.
In 1990, he had an encounter with God, where God clearly told him that He was sending him to the UK as a missionary. This call was actualized on the 21st of July 1992, when he flew into the United Kingdom.
For almost 23 years, Pastor Wale has been involved in a wide-spectrum of Ministry in Britain. He pioneered the World Harvest Christian Centre on the 14th of January 1995 with eight others.
Under Pastor Wale’s visionary leadership, churches has been planted in Manchester, Bolton, Southend-On-Sea, Calgary, Alberta, Congo, Monrovia, Liberia and most recently in India.
Pastor Wale is a highly sought after conference speaker in churches, business, political and educational arenas. He has preached the gospel in over 25 countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic, Liberia, Namibia, South Africa, Canada, USA, Jamaica, Turkey, Holland, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Wales and Scotland.
Pastor Wale’s prophetic and governmental grace has enabled him speak several times in the British Parliament. He has authored over 15 books, among which is the trilogy – Great Britain Has Fallen, Awake Great Britain, and Great Men And Women That Made Great Britain Great, which were not only launched in Westminster, but were reported by the main stream media. He has participated in a reality show on ITV which was watched by millions of people in the UK.
He has sat on several boards, including ACEA and Children in Crisis, founded by Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.
Pastor Wale not only overseas a network of churches, he also provides apostolic oversight to many ministers and ministries. A graduate of Spurgeon’s College, his overriding passion is to preach the whole
gospel to the whole world.
Email: admin@worldharvest.org.uk
Te: +44 ()) 207 358 8080

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