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How God led me to show love to mad people in Ibadan-Dele Aina

by Church Times




When our two sons became boarders at Saint Francis Catholic College, Oyo, in 2016, I was shocked by the number of mad men and women we usually encountered in the city of Ibadan and Oyo township whenever we drove the boys, to and fro school. The sights were simply depressing and heartbreaking for me: naked men and women roaming the streets, and life seemingly continued around them, as though that was the norm! ‘Mbanu!’


So, when we moved here in 2017, I started asking around, “Why are there so many mentally deranged people on our streets? Could something be wrong somewhere, somehow?!!!”

From then, till now, I’m not sure I ever drove/walked past any insane man or woman on the streets without saying a prayer for them, verbally or mentally! It breaks the heart to see full-grown men and women walking around naked, dehumanized and depraved! Pathetic indeed!


Then, Christmas, last year, (25th December, 2019), it occurred to me that I could do something, however little, to help these mentally challenged individuals; I decided to FEED then.


After the usual Christmas celebration in the church and at home, my wife and our sons got into the car and drove around town handing out FOOD PACKS and DRINKS to these ‘Government Pikins’ as they’re often called.


I did the handing over of the food packs because I wasn’t sure what to expect, whether they would accept the meals from me or attack me, I just stepped out in FAITH and COURAGE! I gave out five or six meal packs that day, and we did it again on January 1st, 2020, and none of the beneficiaries attacked me nor refused to take the meals. In fact, one shouted, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” as he received the pack from me last Christmas.


We’ve taken out more meals since then. Every trip/outing is an adventure, and my well-marked vehicle (JESUS Bus ??) is becoming recognizable by some of these ‘street friends.’ When they see it, a meal is likely coming their way???????


As we stocked the house with food items in anticipation of a total lockdown in our State because of coronavirus, I was mindful of ‘my friends’ on the streets, and bought their own food stuffs also.


We’re able to cook and take food packs to these mentally challenged folks in disposable packs, once a week now, and what a JOY it brings me every time I put a meal in their hands!

One day, I believe, we’ll start clothing the naked ones too!


My prayer for you is, may the LORD open your eyes, heart and purse to the NEEDS out there that HE wants you to meet, and alleviate. Amen!

And, if our feeding program resonates with you, you can get in touch with me, and be a part of this GOOD WORK.




Dele Aina 08061211261

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