Hijab In Lagos Schools And Nigeria’s “next god”

by Church Times

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi

Meet The Church” Summit in Lagos, organized by Nigerian National Christian Coalition has come and gone but the ripples of its impact on Lagos politics will linger for a long time to come.

Let me congratulate an accomplished intellectual Jihadist, Prof Ishaq Akintola and his troop of holy warriors and intellectual faculty members on their success at the Supreme Court on the use of hijab in ALL Lagos schools. You read me right. Henceforth ALL SCHOOLS in Lagos must allow the use of hijab!

MURIC wasn’t officially invited to MTC but they were ably represented by Alhaji Abdulazeez Adeniran who rubbed the Supreme Court achievement of MURIC in the face of the Church, an action for which he tendered apology.

He was faith loyal and politically smart, he took a swipe at Sanwo-Olu who was absent at a “meet the church”, who only acted on the ruling of the Supreme Court after MURIC got Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu to “instruct” him to issue a circular.

It will turn out to be a home defeat, when the voice of the church in Lagos eventually took the platform to excuse the absence of Sanwo-Olu and Senator Remi Tinubu as a member of Lagos state cabinet or Tinubu Shettima Campaign Council? Whichever!

He narrated how they begged for two years to be allowed into the Villa to pray with the present Government with a Christian Vice President, if the efficacy of our prayers was in doubt that we have to beg to offer it.

We may as well be prepared to worship the “next god” that Rev Sam Ogedengbe prayed God should make Tinubu at APC Campaign in Lagos.

If Tinubu’s gaffes are old age excusable, that of his many sycophants is a complication making it look like, is God against them or are they the ones against Him?

If not that God can’t be threatened by human ambition, how God will treat the plea for Him to allow Tinubu take his throne is left to imagination. While we are searching for the next President, Ogedengbe is asking for the next “god”.

The only way for any Mission School to avoid the embarrassment of hijab wearing girls in their premises is not to register any girl of the Muslim faith. If you do for the money, under the guise of putting in place school rules and regulations, may I joyfully welcome you to Kirikiri.

My engagement with the church over our docility is on record, same for my restless pen against intellectual jihad activities of groups like MURIC which Tinubu/Shettima are coming to complement.

In a bid to get the church informed on the modus operandi of jihad in a past article, Jihadist were divided into four categories, the warring jihadist, represented by groups like Boko Haram, etc, the intellectual jihadist, represented by group like MURIC, etc, the economic jihadist who are in the space to disrupt it to the advantage of Islam, while Christians owned banks careless about their customers’ pains and grief under the burden of loan, economic jihadist are out with a zero percent loan offer, very soon paradise on earth building churches and ministries will start considering loans from them, say amen!

The last of them are political jihadist; as Muslims, they are often married to Christians to deceive gullible Christians and free thinkers who are right to believe that Lagos is not Zamfara but fail to see similarities of pattern between Nigeria and Afghanistan. We are deceived by departmentalization of operations, but we are confronted with one and same ideology; Jihad!

My interest is not fanned by partisanship neither APC, PDP or LP. Will it be religion? I doubt it, for secularity of the Nigerian state is the ideology of my conviction. A better and greater country is my push politically which no one can foreclose where it may happen.

CAN was the first to openly endorsed Babajide Sanwo-Olu for the second time. It is also on record that a Christian elected house of Assembly member was the first to put up his hands to propose the review of the Customary law of Lagos State for the establishment of Sharia Court, which I called the attention of the CAN Chairman in my local government to, he investigated my allegations and confirmed it so.

Let me say a big congratulations to him on his house warming ceremony, even though I was not told, may be for the fear of my hew and cry on Sharia. The builder of men and home is God. I hope it is same for yours? Ile a tura o!

Will Babajide Sanwo-Olu win the next election? Though, I have not decided who to vote for, but for the deception he is webbed in, while he is being excited by a noise making constituency of faith, a strategic, well coordinated noiseless movement is sweeping through Mosques.

My friendship with Muslims are deeper than what I represent in my writings. I have shared political thoughts with a few of similar political ideology and I can tell you for free, that our Christian tenant Governor may need to go the extra mile to retain his tenancy. The likelihood of a Muslim tenant Governor with tenancy agreement signed with the same old landlord can’t be ruled out.

In a recent all Christians meeting (not MTC) I attended, an attendee was pointing accusing fingers at Babajide Sanwo-Olu for the ruling on hijab wearing in Lagos schools, how? As MURIC who went to court, or as Supreme Court Judge who ruled on the matter?

While his community of faith is content with open mic and endorsement speeches. My Muslim friends who are Imams are coordinating Prayer for a certain Muslim candidate with specific instructions to their brethren.

In its celebration mood the intellectual jihadist group MURIC called out not the owner of Lagos, making BAT look like their sponsor in the hijab project. He should ensure LASG obeys the use of hijab ruling in Lagos Schools. This in all intent is a needless indictment.

The Islamic rights advocacy group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) appealed to the ruling All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu to intervene to ensure enforcement of the ruling.

Ntor! I will still be in my local government when Sharia Court will become a midday reality even though all seems all right to benefiting Christians in my local government and beyond.

MURIC came out to emphatically state that; “LASG appears not to know that its silence over the Supreme Court judgement can be misinterpreted as a deliberate attempt to undermine the rule of law and it may fall foul of contempt of the highest court in the land.” That exactly was what Jandor echoed before the church. Whichever way it goes, MURIC already had her way.

MURIC was suggestive of a violent enforcement as in the case of Ilorin in its communication when it said, “We call on Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu to intervene. MURIC does not issue threats. We have never done it before and we will not do it now. Neither do we issue an ultimatum.

“But whatever LASG does with the hijab case on which the highest court in the land has made a pronouncement will send a strong message to Nigerians, particularly at this crucial period,” the statement added.

We are used to been gagged from spewing truth openly, but a stubborn system, without an attempt to change will by itself activate rebellion.

You are welcome to an ALL Lagos schools wearing hijab situation, while we await the implementation of a Sharia compliance judiciary system.

A reset in Lagos is in the same way imminent for the nation at large, this of course is the beat of our legislative representative than of the executive.

Our political energy as the Church is better channeled to where it matters, the Legislative Revolution Network to help achieve a restructured Nigeria and a truly secular state.

For example I am a Lagos West bred man, from Ifako Agege, to Orile Agege, Papa Ashafa, Dopemu, Akowonjo and now Abule Egba, my hold is deepened in Orile-Agege where the omo-betta nickname came from.

If I stick to the area as my political constituency. The candidate on offer for me in APC are all Muslims; Senate, House of Reps and House of Assembly. Contrast this with what the opposition are bringing to the table, and when I say opposition, I mean PDP, as we are still in doubt of availability of candidates for those from LP.

One opportunity that Obi’s candidacy and lack of coordination of LP to fill candidates for legislative election offers is the activation of a Legislative Revolution Network. Obisim is a movement and not a political party, legislative candidates who are smart to recognize this particularly in constituency where LP is not fielding candidate and jump infront of Obisim in their constituency may succeed at taking the election for themselves and their parties. We await the report of Northern Christians who are at the heat of the fire to help us decide which way Nigeria would go in 2023.

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Sunday Olufemi Ebenezer December 11, 2022 - 10:00 am

The problem of our Christians brothers and sisters in Nigeria is that they are only after the monetry gain that is coming to their various bank accounts not think of the implications


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