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Good Friday: A Global Day of Fasting and Prayer for World-wide Revival.

by Church Times

By John Abiola

Good Friday; a reflection on Unfinished tasks and a call to fast and pray for worldwide revival.

“Howbeit this kind goeth not but by prayer and fasting “(Mathew: 17:21).

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”( James 5:16).

“So we fasted and besought our God for this: and he was entreated of us”(Ezra 8:23).

Dearly beloved in Christ,
greetings to you from our Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace and Saviour of the world.
Dear reader, please be informed/reminded that every Good Friday of the year has been declared a day of fasting for believers in Christ all over the world irrespective of church denominations and Christian backgrounds. This is to pray for worldwide revival that will cause unprecedented harvest of lost souls into the kingdom of God in readiness for Christ’s imminent return in His glory.

How to celebrate Easter?
When it comes to Easter celebrations, many Christians are ignorant or rather neglect the significance of Jesus’ birth, death, resurrection, ascension, and His intercessions ceaselessly in Heaven for the need of His Church and for the salvation of souls. Nevertheless, It is time to conquer the whole world for Christ.

It is time for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus to reach out to the remaining unreached people groups of the world for their salvation.

It is time for the over 2 billion Christian population of the world to wake up and join forces with our Lord Jesus Christ. It is time to use the power of concerted prayers to invade the untouched fortified strongholds of Satan, to pull down and stop all demonic and Anti- Gospel activities,. It is time to set billions of captived souls free for the knowledge of the Messiah, Saviour of the world. Hence, we declare the fourth global day of Fasting and Prayer for worldwide revival -Good Friday.

Join millions of believers in Christ from around the world to pray and fast with John Abiola this Good Friday, 15th April 2022 for worldwide revival and harvest of lost souls in the world.

Jesus – Only Hope for the lost world

The sole pathway to the redemption of humanity and to heaven; the Holy City, is through the death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and intercessions of Jesus Christ.

This is the second greatest event in history after the birth of Jesus Christ that took place over 2000 years ago in Israel, and which we all celebrate each year in every Nation of the world to date.

As we approach the year 2022 Easter celebration, there is a need to reflect on the journey so far.
Christianity is now over 2000 years old, we are in the 22nd year in the 21st century, and in the 3rd millennium yet there are still billions of souls who are yet to respond to the Gospel of the Kingdom, whereas over 3 billion people have never heard of Jesus’ call. WHAT A SHAME!

This is enough to make any Christian weep, fast, and intercede for souls daily, especially on Good Friday every year. Moreover, the Bible reveals that since Jesus’ Ascension to heaven, He has been standing in the gap in intercession for us all ” Who is at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us ” ( Romans 8:34 ).

Prayer and fasting are master keys:

Prayer and Fasting remain two master keys to awakening the dying Church and opening the world of Islam, Buddhi, Hindu, and the Heathen world for Christ. So, let’s all cry out to God for revival in the Church and salvation of the remaining billions of unsaved souls. This will be as a gift of appreciation to Jesus for His pain, sorrow, intercession, and death on the cross of Calvary on a Good Friday over 2000 years ago.

The inception of this Global prayer movement

On Sunday, 15th of April 2019 I was on my knees alone in my prayer room, travailing in prayers with a great burden in my heart for revival to engulf my nation Nigeria and spread like wildfire across the other nations of the world that will purge us ( the Body of Christ ), set us on fire for God’s course, and convert multitudes of lost souls into God’s Kingdom during the Easter period.

On this day, I was agonizing in prayer for the souls of the world. I desired that Christ would visit the world during the Easter period to purge the church, save all the lost souls of the world, and for the rapture to take place.

While in prayers, I suddenly felt the presence of Jesus Christ. I opened my eyes to see if He appeared physically but didn’t find anyone. I strongly felt His presence in the room so I closed my eyes and continued praying. Soon after, I heard the voice of the Lord Jesus.

He said, “Declare every Good Friday of the year, as a global day of fasting and prayers for worldwide revival in preparation for My soon coming, beginning from April 19, 2019, Easter Friday.”

Then He led me to Mathew 27: 50-52, but He spoke unhappily. I discovered that He was not happy with Us (the Body of Christ ) for our lack of love for Him anymore, our apathy towards the lost and perishing souls of the World.
But I am too young in ministry for this assignment, there are many great men and women of God in the world You could have sent. I said within me.

However, warnings of the consequence of disobedience kept flooding my heart for two days and until I obeyed, I had no peace.

Please, brethren, let’s obey this instruction. Let all fast and pray for world-wide revival and harvest of lost souls of the world every Good Friday. Let’s make Jesus happy.

The cry, horrific suffering and death of our Lord Jesus on good Friday was for revival in the Church and salvation of the whole world. He was denied food and water but turned all to soul-cry prayer, “My God, My God, Father, forgive them…Father into your hands I commend my spirit…It is finished. Jesus laid the preparation of prayer and fasting to save the souls of humanity. Matthew.27:50 -53.

Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost. And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And also 1John 2:2.”And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for our’s only, but for the sins of the whole world”


On Good Friday, which was the global day of fasting and prayer for the year 2020, four members of my family that were home this period gathered in our prayer room to pray. We read aloud. Mathew 26:38-41; 27: 50-53, Luke 22:46, James 5:16-18 to pray for revival in the body of Christ, for more labourers and a great harvest of lost souls of the world.

While I was on my knees deeply agonizing in prayers, the Lord opened my eyes to see in the realm of the spirit.  I saw a long ladder that touched heaven and the earth. Our Lord Jesus Christ appeared in pure white robes sitting on a beautiful golden horse and holding in His right hand a great white double-edged sword.

He was coming down to the earth with many angels on horses and with swords in their hands following Him from behind.

Then Jesus pointed His sword to the four corners of the earth and commanded the angels to go and destroy the gods and powers of the earth. I saw these angels move with great speed to all nations in the East, West, North and South of the earth according to the direction the Lord Jesus gave with his sword.

After a while, the angels returned to Jesus and I saw a great multitude of demons dressed in black overall gowns come to where Jesus was and bowing their heads remaining in this position for quite a long time. Thereafter, I saw so many people, I perceived they are saints, so much more than I could count.

They kept walking on the backs of these demons heading towards the Lord Jesus, they were all dressed in pure white garments and stood in front of the Lord Jesus. Then I saw Satan as well, dressed in black, having a very long tail. He kept walking on the backs of the multitudes of demons that were fallen before Jesus, also heading toward the Lord Jesus and as soon as he got to Him he bowed his head and brought out the world globe from his cloth and handed it to Jesus. As soon as it got to Jesus, the globe started turning 360°.

Then, I saw written in the sky “JESUS IS THE LORD OF ALL NATIONS OF THE EARTH”.

After this, Jesus proclaimed,

I will crush China! I will crush communism for the freedom of the gospel and harvest of souls in answer to the prayers of my people and the persecuted Christians in China. I will destroy the gods and powers of Nations. America shall rise again!.

Then the vision went off.

Findings about the great persecution of Christians in China:

* Are Christians in China next in line for Re-Education?
www. forbes.com.sites:2021/05/05.

In May 2021, News outlets authorities have been ” removing Bible Apps and Christians WeChat public accounts as new highly restrictive administrative measures on religious staff went into effect Saturday. Reportedly, “Bibles on the hard copy are no longer available for sale online either”

Thousands of churches have been damaged or closed. In some parts of China, Children under the age of 18 aren’t allowed to attend church.

Uyghurs have been subjected to killings, torture and abuse, rape and sexual violence, forced labour, forced abortions, forced sterilizations and much more. Other reports suggest that Falum Gong practitioners are subjected to forced organ harvesting. Christians are subjected to various methods of discrimination and persecution in China. Reports also suggest there are plans to “Contextualize” the Bible to make it more ” Culturally acceptable” and for Christian preaching to be adapted.

Findings about the progressive decline of the Global body of Christ:

* Belief in God is declining-But belief in Satan is on the rise!

* New Survey reveals 60 per cent of Christians Age 18. www1.cbn.com.cbnnews.august.ne…23 Aug 2021.

More than 60 per cent of born-again Christians between the ages of 18….of Christians Aged 18- 39 Believe Jesus is Not the Only Way to salvation.

* Many Americans say other faiths can lead to eternal life. Believe that Buddha, Muhammed and Jesus are all valid paths…

New Barns Survey:
More Americans Believe in Satan than believe in God. 04/24/2020 CBN News.

Findings about the Unreached World -Joshua Project :

Total world population: 7.38 billion. 42% of the total world population.
3.11 billion cannot celebrate Jesus because no one has told them about Jesus Christ and the plan for their salvation.


1. Pray, ask God to send more labourers for the harvest of these lost souls.

2. Adopt some unreached people…. Check www.joshuaproject.net for more info.

3. Participate in God’s mission by financially supporting a missionary today.

4. Consider going on a short-term mission trip/ visit with a missionary.

Prayer for revival in the Church and harvest of lost and perishing souls of the world :

Today marks the beginning of the return of the cloud of God’s glory, a strong manifestation of his righteousness and holiness. This day is the beginning of a monumental change in the Global Church and the world.

This day also marks the beginning of a high point of spiritual regeneration of the inhabitants of the Earth, the crux of religious and moral transformation of the Nations, the watershed of the Global body of Christ, spiritual rebirth, unprecedented harvest of souls and God’s judgements on all evil powers, strongholds, confrontations and oppositions to the increase of revival in the Church and harvest of lost souls into the Kingdom of God.

In the name of Jesus Christ, blessed Holy Spirit please move mightily now to lead all the compromised Christians, Church leaders and unbelievers in all parts of the world to genuine salvation and repentance from their sins, wickedness, and abominations, idolatry and all evils. Reveal the issue of repentance to our churches, families, communities, and Nations of the world. Frustrate all the efforts of Islamists, jihadists, and other religious groups that are opposed to the message and spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the mighty name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus
, visit and convert multitudes of Islamic terrorists, sponsors, soldiers, Jihadists, Bandickts, kidnappers, ritualists, and Yahoo boys and girls as well as other criminal elements in Nigeria and around the world. I pray they will be willing to repent, forsake their evil ways and carry the Bible to preach the gospel and win multitudes of souls for Christ in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

I pray for encouragement for those thousands of God’s faithful servants, missionaries, Intercessors and persecuted Christians across the world in need of strength and provisions for their labour to be fruitful in their various ministries and fields. Send more labourers to over 3 billion souls that await the gospel to be preached to them.

Heavenly Father, I stand in the gap for the salvation of over 56 million deaths in the World every year, a million death in China every year, so many deaths in Nigeria by Jihadists on daily basis, about 25,000 Americans that convert to Islam yearly and about 5,000 British people that convert to Islam every year. More than half (55%) of Britains who don’t belong to any religion, millions of Europeans who turned to paganism and more than 60% of born again Christians believes that Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus are all valid paths to eternal life. Lord Jesus, save their souls and raise more Intercessors who will stand in the gap for their salvation.

Islam is a present threat
in our world today, millions of people are perishing and their works bear no fruits. Therefore I rebuke, dismantle and destroy the hold of Satan, principalities and stronghold of Islam and other false religions and satanic churches in all areas, territories and Nations of the world today.

Lord Jesus raise more labourers to evangelize the world at large and cause men and women, old and young of all tribes, languages, colours, to proclaim your saving grace and save souls into your Kingdom in readiness for your soon coming.

Heavenly Father, bless me, my family, work and ministry and deliver me and everything that concerns me from attacks of the devil, his forces and agents. Provide all my needs, please take me and my family higher in your service and in all other areas of my life in Jesus name.

Thank you Father for answering my prayers of faith. Amen!

God bless me, my family, ministry and Nigeria, Africa, the world and the Church with an earth-shaking and earth-sweeping Revival today. Amen!

Global prayer focus: Countries where it’s hardest to follow Jesus in 2022:

Nigeria, India, Mauritania, Iran, Burkina Faso, Iraq, Sri Lanka,Ethiopia, Myanmar, Maldives, Sudan, Afghanistan, Mali, Tajikistan, Chad, Algeria, Jordan, Senegal, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Benin, Indonesia, China, Djibouti, Libya, Malaysia, Eritrea,Tibet, Japan, Guinea-Bissau, Lius, Western Sahara,Yemen, Vietnam, Gman, KaKazakstan, Syria, Mongolia, Bhutan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Taiwan, Banrain, Tunisia, Cambodia, Gambia, Guinea, Thailand, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Lebanon, Turkey, North Korea, Niger, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Morocco,Qatar, Turkmenistan, Somalia, and Pakistan.
Pray to pull down the strongholds of the devil.
Pray for Revival in these lands. Pray that the people in these nations will find hope, peace and security that can be found only in Jesus Christ, the Saviour of humanity.
Pray for a great number of Gospel witnesses to enter and share the Gospel to the people in these lands.
Pray for a large number of Bibles and Christian materials in millions to be shipped into these lands. You can add additional prayers as led by the Holy Spirit.

It’s the 4th Global day of fasting, repentance and prayer for worldwide revival.

April 15TH, 2022 -GOOD FRIDAY.


Thank God for participating in these prayers and for answering your prayers of faith.

Thanks for praying, while wishing you a Happy Easter celebration.

By John Abiola


Revive Us Again is a global prayer movement promoting repentance, Intercession revival and world evangelization in readiness for Christ’s imminent return for the rapture of His Church-bride.


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