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God warned about the gang-up against Israel- Magaret Mayaki

by Church Times

UK-based Nigerian Prophetess Dr Magaret Mayaki has reflected on the revelations God gave her concerning the Year 2023 noting that the Lord specifically told her there would be a gang-up against Israel.

She made the observation during an online chat with Church Times.

The 2023 prophecies were published in Church Times Nigeria and a few other media on January 1

She said concerning the nation of Israel. “ Israel my land says the Lord. Pray that there will not be a gang up against Israel. Pray against the increase of aggression of Palestinians against Israel.”

The aggression began over the weekend when the militant Hamas took Israel unwares killing thousands of its people. The country has since been in the throes of war with Palestinian Hamas.

Mayaki said there should be a continuous prayer for Israel noting that God is not unaware of the situation in the Middle East country.

She said irrespective of the onslaught Israel will prevail as always adding the second league of the prophecy which says  “there will be new discoveries that will be made in Israel that will advance the world.” will be a reality.

According to her, “Christians all over the world should continue to pray against internal unrest in Israel. As believers, God commands us to continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. It is not a one-off prayer. It is a prayer for all time. Israel is a nation of covenant and destiny.”

Mayaki who has been a consistent voice in the prophetic arena says prophecies are not just to entertain people “but to cause us to pray. They are critical to the proper understanding to the world, during times of significant global events.”

The UK-based prophetess is known for her dedication to spreading the gospel and promoting peace. Her prophetic insight has impacted countless lives and continues to guide communities through challenging times.



She is the General Overseer/Founder Sanctuary for the Broken Hearted international Ministries UK/Nigeria. She could be reached on  margaretmayaki@gmail.com


Nigeria: 080 994 1 3000


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