Home Business Ayoola Foods takes Poundo Yam to another level, renews commitment to customer satisfaction”  

Ayoola Foods takes Poundo Yam to another level, renews commitment to customer satisfaction”  

by Church Times

Nigeria’s leading indigenous food manufacturer, Ayoola Foods,  has re-branded its star product Ayoola Poundo Yam.

 A director of the company, Mrs. Eunice Odidison made this known during a recent parley with newsmen in Lagos.

 She said the company decided to do a re-branding of Ayoola Poundo Yam because of the need to match the quality of the product with an improved package

 Odidison said the company thinks of its customers with a view to satisfying their culinary needs with enduring products. “Our product, Ayoola Poundo Yam is a leader in the industry. We have other brands like Ayoola Potato, Ayoola Fufu, and Ayoola Rice that are market leaders. We are committed to quality.

 “We are happy with the feedback we get from our customers and we are committed to making the products better both in quality and outlook. That is why we had to do a re-branding starting with Ayoola Poundo Yam. The same quality but a new look.”


The new look

The new look of Ayoola Foods comes in deep green and red packaging.

 Odidison said the quality of the product remains the same because “You can’t improve on a good product. It is the same yam in flour form. We don’t put additives. The only difference is that it  comes in a form that makes pounded yam easy to prepare.”

She stated further that it is no longer fashionable to pound yam the traditional way because of the attendant health implications. “Sweat coming from the person pounding goes into the yam while it is being pounded. This makes the end product unhygienic

 “The process of pounding is also exposed to some other health hazards because usually, those who prefer to pound yam do it outside their house thus attracting germs. It is also not easy to pound yam in a storey building. So the most logical thing to do is to buy Ayoola Poundo Yam and save yourself the stress and health implication of pounding”

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Purchasing power

 While bemoaning the economy, she said, “We are aware of the drop in the purchasing power of people. But we can’t afford to compromise quality. That is why we maintain the quality of our products while also thinking of how to make them affordable and attractive to the consumers”

 The Ayoola Foods director noted that the company is committed to the Nigerian economy. “Despite the challenges we are currently facing as a nation, we remain committed to Nigeria. It is tough for manufacturers. But we want to be part of making the nation better. Thousands of Nigerians are directly or indirectly being empowered through our products. We can’t afford to fail”

 She called on the government to examine the tax regime and help create an enabling environment for manufacturers. “We have a challenge with electricity, we spend millions on power yearly. The tax system is also frustrating.

 “The business climate is generally not friendly. There is a need for the government to address the problem of infrastructure so that more manufacturers will come on the scene to help create jobs and empower the teeming population.”


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