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How we run free school for preachers’ children in Gboko- Gbile Akanni

by Church Times

Founder of Peace House, Bro Gbile Akanni has given insight into how God has been supplying the needs of non-tuition paying Calvary Arrow College being run by the ministry in Gboko, Benue State.

 In an old video interview posted on Living Truth Facebook wall monitored by Church Times, Akanni said from day one it was clear the school would be free. “That is what God asked the ministry to do. It was going to be for ministers’ children and it was going to be free”

He said however that parents could only contribute to the feeding of the students as much as they have.

“Those who have money could put money down, those who have foodstuff could supply. But we were not going to ask students to pay school fees.” Akanni said.

 He recalled however that people were wondering how the idea would work. “People were asking how do we then pay staff salary? how do we run the daily expenses in the school? I told them the Lord who asked us to start the school would provide.”

The first major challenge

 One of the first major challenges however came when it dawned on him that there was no electricity in the school and the children would need light.

Unknown to him, the Parents Association of the school decided to contribute money to bring light to the campus. It was going to cost about N20million to get the transformer, the cables and all the other accessories for the school to have light.

 He got to know they were contributing money when he met a parent who told him they were still owing the school. “When she said they were owing, I was wondering, owing? How come. She said they were to contribute some money for electricity which they have not been able to pay.”

 That information irked Akanni. He called the staff collecting the money and asked her to make a refund to all the parents that had paid. About N3million that had already been contributed towards the scheme was refunded.

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We need praying parents not paying parents

 He told the parents that they were interested in praying parents not paying parents.

According to him, “if the parents could pray that would be okay for the school. We believe that God would touch the heart of men to make the supply.”

 He then explained to the staff that the school had no money but they were going to trust God to supply the money for the electrification of the school.

 “ We began praying and asked God for supply. I did not even know it would cost close to N20million to do the electrification. But then I announced to the school that before they come back in December of that year, there would have been light on the campus. I didn’t know when I made that announcement. And that was what happened. We had no money but God supplied.”

 As God would have it, it was a parent whose child was not offered admission to the school that gave the initial N5million that was used to start the light project. Before December, supplies came from all corners and the light was fixed.

 Akanni said there are many testimonies of God’s provision that the ministry had experienced.  “When you are doing a project that God ordained, you need to look beyond yourself. That is what we have made people realise. The directors and staff of the school have that understanding.

 “The God who calls you will always meet your needs. We don’t need to change our message. We don’t need to collect offerings 10 times. Our responsibility should be to always look unto God for supply. We have done that over and over again. And God has not disappointed us.”



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