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Tithe to blessing gospel is awkward-Adegboye

by Church Times

Senior Pastor and founder of The Stone Church, Pastor Alex Adegboye, has said the gospel that places a premium on tithe paying as a means of being blessed of God is an awkward gospel.

Adegboye made the observation in a recent message shared on his Facebook wall. He said any relationship with God that has transactional tendencies is not of God stating that “God does not bless us because we pay tithe”

He said, “If our gospel is based on what God does, a transactional relationship, I pay my tithe and he blesses me; that gospel is an awkward gospel. He already blessed you before you were born. What your tithe paying does is make God look at you and say you’re obedient. It is the heart that God is looking at not your seed offering.  God blesses obedience, not money.”

Adegboye, a chartered architect by profession who has been in ministry for close to three decades noted however that many believers have been taught to transact with God.

“I don’t believe in that, I believe in the grace of God,” he said, adding, “I believe that what I do or do not do has nothing to do with how God blesses me. He blessed me already from the foundation of the world. Our performance has to do with silencing the devil and oiling our relationship.

“If God tells you to give, give. If he tells you to give N1000 do, if he tells you to give N1m give. But don’t give because you want to impress people or because you want God to bless you. If you do, your money will just go.”

Adegboye whose church is based in Ibadan, Oyo State noted further that nobody has anointing to make people rich. “I don’t believe that anybody has any anointing to make people rich. If people are rich it is because God has blessed them. No man of God has anointing to make people rich. All the things God does for us has nothing to do with what we do or we don’t do, it has to do with what he has done for us already. When you hear people give testimonies that they gave and they are blessed, it’s because they obeyed God’s leading to give.”



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