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Energy security: The call on Africa to bypass fossil fuel

by Church Times

  By Adéṣẹ́gun Olútáyò Adéolú Ọṣìbánjọ (2AO)

The last reality check reveals that Africa only transited from Colonialism to Neocolonialism in the words of the Ghanaian Post-independence President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.


Be it the very brutal Francophone, Anglophone now anchored by the US to the new alignment created by the Sahel region with the East-Russiaphone, let’s call a Spade by its real name, we are Europhone-Africa.


And this is why they keep dictating how to live and how not to live our lives to us by the dawn of each day by telling us to Leapfrog over our divinely given Fossil fuel deposits inside our grounds into darkness.


This brings us to one of  my Words on Marble which says,: Any developing Country that participates or champions the advancement of the ambitious plan of achieving Net zero (Carbon emissions) will either stagnate or kill her Industrialization & Economic development and forever remain in abject Energy poverty

America and Europe are invariably telling us not to do what they (not only Norway) did to avoid Energy poverty and attain Energy security that secured their Industrialization and Economic growth.

Untapped Gas

Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, Chairman African Union and Mouritanian President

Nigeria has 208.83 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of untapped proven Gas reserves ranking as the largest in Africa accounting for 33% of the continent’s Gas reserves and the ninth (9th) largest in the World according to Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Ltd.

This is more than adequate to provide Electricity for the whole of Africa and still export to Europe. Is this what Africa is expected to Leapfrog over in preference for the very expensive distributed Solar and other Renewables in that same cost category?

Remember also that the first global Sustainability consideration for the provision of Electric power supply is the ability of Consumers to pay for the service.

Natural Gas is relatively clean when combusted, it generates 45% and 30% less CO2 emissions than Coal and Oil respectively.

It is cheaper and available in abundance in Nigeria being the largest in Africa. Its versatility and efficiency are other reasons for its increasing preference as an Energy source.

Research on clean gas

Rather than champion Net zero campaigns, we should be having Research & Development conversations about developing Clean Gas Technology (CGT) to improve on its 45% & 30% less CO2 emissions than Coal & Oil respectively to produce Net zero for Gas powered Plants as was done in the US for Coal powered Plants.

President Bola Tinubu

This will put the ambitious Energy Transition Plan back on track and enable Africa to attain Energy security and secure our Industrialization and Economic growth as well.

The Neocolonised Europhone-Africa needs to revisit the Visions of the founding Fathers of the African Union (AU) for the complete and total liberation of Africa.

The ongoing realignment in the Sahel region is also Neocolonialism, only a Non-aligned and truly United States of Africa can stand up to America and Europe to allow Africa attain Energy security.

God bless Africa!!!
2AO – Proudly African!!!

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