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Dr. Francis Bola Akin-John: The anti-Christ can only try, it’s not yet end of age

by Church Times


Church Times six-question Covid-19 interview series (4)


Dr. Francis Bola Akin-John is the President of Church Growth Ministry International. His ministry has been at the fore-front of championing church growth from the holistic point of view. He believes the growth of a church is commensurate with the growth of the pastor of the church. He has been playing strategic roles in developing and teaching pastors from across Africa, Europe and the US on how to grow their churches while also not compromising Biblical truth. He has been doing this for close to 30 years and still counting. He adds his voice to the present debate on the Covid-19 and the end of age. Find below


Do you see the present pandemic as an indication of the end of age?

No, it’s just a sign of one of the unusual things that will be happening at the end time.


There have been such pandemic in years past. How is this different from others?

Yes, history tells us there had been such pandemics in times past. But the difference from my own understanding is that this is human generated. It is a product of the activities of man with the ecosystem and babel of technology that is being built around us. From available information to me, it seems to be deliberate and intentional for economic and political reasons.


There are insinuations that the pandemic is a preparation towards one world govt. and the reign of the antichrist. Do you agree?

Whether that is true or not, we can’t say at this juncture, it’s just insinuations, and it remains at that. The human mind of capable of reading meanings to development. But we can’t discountenance the various assertions as garbage. What I know is that the anti- Christ and agents of anti-Christ will try all they could as this age itches to a close. But it’s not yet the end, because God’s agenda for this world is still running and in place.


The W.H.O is currently working on a vaccine to deal with the pandemic. The vaccine according to the body should be ready in about a year from now. Should believers take the vaccine when out?


I strongly believe that those who have the virus would have been healed by the Lord before the production of the vaccines. And besides, the World Health Organisationn will make sure the vaccine brings healing to those infected, not to exacerbate it. So if the vaccine will bring an end to the virus I do not see anything wrong in it. But like I said before they come up with any vaccine, the pandemic would have died down and the victims would have been healed completely. I’m speaking by faith.


Some believe the vaccine is a mark of the beast and that there will be an implant in the hands of people to monitor them by the one world govt. What do you think about this?


That’s not true at this point. It is a conspiracy theory and perhaps from those who lack understanding of the times. God is still in control, and as long as believers are here and the Holy Spirit is still working here, that cannot happen.


What should be the Christian attitude in times like this?

The genuine Christian attitude at this time is to draw near to the Lord, read your Bible again and again, don’t give room to unfounded fear, nor be allowed to be deceived by false teachers or prophets. Live as if Jesus will come now and don’t joke with any sin in your heart and life. The end is not yet, but we are closer to rapture of the saints like never before.



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