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Animashau Oladimeji: How some Christians receive mark of the beast unknowingly

by Church Times

Church Times six-question Covid-19 interview series (3)



Pastor Oladimeji


Pastor Oladimeji Animashau is founder of Lagos based, Latter House of Glory. He comes from a strong Islamic background but encountered Jesus several years ago in a dramatic way. He has since been following in the steps of Jesus with the privilege of hearing the Lord speak in clear voice. He operates both prophetic and teaching gifts. He provides insight into the present global phenomenon in our six question interview series.

Do you see the present pandemic as an indication of end of age?


A careful reading of Matthew 24:6-12 tells us it’s not yet the end of age. Jesus says in verse 6-8: You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains.


If you take note of the last sentence in the scripture I just quoted it says: All these are the beginning of birth pains. Some translations call it birth pangs. This means something is about to be born. So what we are experiencing are the beginning of the birth pang. It simply means all the global crises that we experience is just the beginning of a birth process. You can liken it to a woman who wants to give birth to a child. She experiences birth pain. The pain starts and increases before she is eventually delivered of her baby. So we are just at the beginning of the birth pain and this has been on since the first century.


But then we must also appreciate that every time there is a pandemic situation, it’s a wake-up call for the church. It is a time for those that are the light of the world to wake up and be the true light, and manifest the manifold wisdom of God.


There have been such pandemic in years past. How is this different from others?



Men have noticed it’s usually the turn of a century a pandemic situation arises and a new order is put in place. So this one is not different in anyway. The only difference is that it is coming during a time of massive global awareness occasioned by technology.


But then the believer should not be afraid of the game plan of the devil. God had already given us prior notice of what is happening. God, who had carefully outlined the part the devil or his agent the Antichrist shall play in the scheme of things.


What I am concerned about is for the Church to be able to understand the time and seasons, and letting the church know what we ought to be doing at every crossroad of our faith journey. God has never left us without a road map. We are the ones who have taken our eyes away from the landmarks. The book of Revelations wherein the mark of the Antichrist was written was the revelation of Jesus Christ not of Satan


There are insinuations that the pandemic is a preparation towards one world govt. and the reign of the antichrist. Do you agree?

I think I mentioned it earlier that all that is happening is a preparation towards the actualization of what the Bible already told us. It is a build-up to something that is about to be born.

The W.H.O is currently working on a vaccine to deal with the pandemic. The vaccine according to the body should be ready in about a year from now. Should believers take the vaccine when out?


Why should a believer take the vaccines? And if we can’t be exempted, now is the time to put the word of faith into action. “Every plant that my father has not planted, shall be uprooted”. It’s time to tap into the immortal, eternal life of Christ in us to dissolve the planting of the enemy.


Some believe the vaccine is a mark of the beast and that there will be an implant in the hands of people to monitor them by the one world govt. What do you think about this?


I don’t know about the mark of the beast in the vaccine. But in time past that we’ve had to take many vaccines was there implants in them way back then? And if that is their game plan, we have a God who will frustrate the plan of the wicked and turn their wisdom backward and run their diviners mad. The truth is, what we celebrate in the churches and present to people as the gospel already make them susceptible to receiving the mark. The craze for travelling abroad, the desire to be rich, the longing for worldly goods are trappings of the Antichrist. Our gospel must deemphasize the need for those things. If some of our brethren have to lie that they are gay so as to gain entrance to Canada, deny their true identity to be citizens of foreign country, are they not already giving in to the Antichrist. My worry is in what the Church ought to be doing and putting in place that they are not doing, to protect many from receiving the Mark.



What should be the Christian attitude in times like this?

The end time war is going to be trade or economic in nature, ‘and without the Mark no one will be able to buy or sell’. The question is: What righteous alternatives are we putting in place. Are there kingdom institutions and economic policies and positions we are taking to shield our people from taking the mark? I think that should be our concern after the tension of Covid-19 might have died down.




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