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Dowen College: 25 years of excellence and impact by Ven. Folarin Shobo

by Church Times

Ven Folarin Shobo, a member of Dowen College Board of Governors writes on the giant strides of Dowen College since its inception 25 years ago

Dowen College came into being at a very critical time in the annals of Nigeria’s educational sector. It was established in October 1997 with the primary objective of creating an ambiance for educational excellence for students of secondary school age.
Our Vision from the onset is that every child that passes through Dowen College Lagos develops “TO BE THE BEST”.
The mission of the school is to release the innate potential and the untapped leadership qualities of its students. It also aims at ensuring that they discover their personal purpose and destiny in life.
These are the goals that have kept us on in the last 25 years. The school started with nine students. Today, thousands have passed through Dowen College with enviable testimonials of success and excellence.
In the last 25 years, the school has continually focused on raising disciplined children with Godly virtues, strong academic backgrounds, and a good appreciation of their national cultures.

Our unique selling point

Dowen College: 25 years of excellence and impact

Dowen College Hostel

One of the unique selling points of the school is its ability to operate a dual curriculum reflecting the Nigerian and British education systems.
To this end, parents don’t have to spend huge foreign exchange for their children to get international educational exposure.
There is nothing they want in foreign schools that they can’t get in Dowen College. Our past results and the achievements of our alumni attest to this.
 The beauty is that ours is easily accessible and cost-effective.
Parents who want their children to get British education are at home with us since that is just at the core of our many offerings.
This unique selling point has made our school attractive to students from every part of Nigeria and beyond.
Our advertisers are mostly students who have passed through the school.
In the last 25 years, it has practically become impossible for our successes to be wished away.
Students have showcased their professionalism and talents within and outside the borders of Nigeria. This is made possible with the well-rounded curriculum provided by the school.

Dowen College Family

gym for students

Down College is also adept in music, sports, creative, and performing arts. All these extra curricula activities blend so well with the core values of the school.
Beyond this, the school prides itself on vocational instruction. This has over the years become a cutting-edge advantage for many of our products.
It is called the Dowen College Family for many reasons. One is that the school has a family culture.
Dowen College has thrived on the constant patronage and referrals of parents who proudly send sibling after sibling, family, and friends to the college.
Apart from the culture of excellence that has permeated Dowen College, it also extends a second-to-none scholarship programme to teeming youths in the country.
Hundreds of students have graduated from the school on 100% tuition and boarding scholarships, as well as full tuition scholarships in the last 25 years. The school has also partnered with various state governments in developing children from disadvantaged communities over the years.
Most notably 36 scholars received from the “Bayelsa 100 Project” initiated by the then Governor, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan GCFR who initiated the very laudable project.
These students have since graduated with strong backgrounds in academics, music, and sports. They are university graduates and proud professionals. Some are working locally and others are pursuing international careers.
To date, about 10% of the student population annually enjoys scholarships from the school. This scholarship programme is extended to promising students from diverse backgrounds who have demonstrated the readiness to learn.
It is with great joy that the school marks its 25th Anniversary. And it is heartwarming to note that both staff and students of the school have resolved to continue with the school’s Community Social Responsibility projects.
They have also resolved to promote green initiatives, safe school practices, be a beacon of light wherever they go and continue to maintain high academic standards.

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