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Kumuyi makes U turn, says, “It’s a new day in Deeper Life”

by Church Times

The General Overseer of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Williams Kumuyi has explained why he is taking certain steps which are being crticised by some of his members who consider those steps strange and unusual of him.


Kumuyi who was addressing some leaders of the ministry recently in Lagos said he could not continue behaving the way he used to behave if he would fulfil the mandate of God upon his life noting that many more needed to be liberated.


He cited the example of his mission trips to Abuja. He said, “I went to Abuja in 2006. The stadium we used was scanty. That was not normal for us because most of the places I go the places were always full. I was not happy though I did not show it.  I felt we could reach more people. Though God in his mercy still wrought miracles and saved lives. But I felt we could still reach more with the gospel.


“So by the time I was going to go there in March this year, I had to call the coordinator in Abuja and asked him to get in touch with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria in Abuja. I told him if I must come to Abuja we must do it in collaboration with the PFN.”


He said further that the coordinator told him the PFN chairman in Abuja was a former pastor in Deeper Life Church who left the church to start his own church. “I asked why he left and was told that it was because he was posted out of Abuja and he did not like the posting and had to resign to start his own ministry. So I said to the state pastor to go tell him that his father in the Lord is coming to Abuja and that he should make arrangements how we can collaborate with the PFN so we can have an all inclusive crusade. And that was it. When he relayed my message to him, the pastor was excited and we was quite eager to work with us. He said that is my father and that everything I ever knew he taught me. We had a successful crusade thereafter.”


He said many incredible things happened at the crusade ground noting that “there was a particular case of a man who had been in the hospital and was dying. His cloth was brought to the crusade ground and it was raised up when prayers were being said. As we were praying the man was rising from the sick bed in the hospital. The Lord did things we never experienced. Sick people who listened to a phone that was plugged to the speaker were healed in far away Ghana.”


Kumuyi who gave more examples of healings and salvation experiences of people at the crusade ground said if he had not worked with the PFN those people who experienced healing and deliverance would perhaps have been lost.

Deeper Life: The changes

Deeper Life

Pastor Williams Kumuyi

Obviously trying to explain some of the steps he has been taking lately to the leaders he said, “Ten years ago I perhaps would not have done what I did. If you leave Deeper Life I would consider that I had no more relationship with you. I will never come back to you, you are the one to come back to me. But things have changed. It’s a new day. We can’t continue that way again if we want to win souls for the Lord. The person who left  Deeper Life did not leave because he was no more in the Lord, he left because he did not like the posting. What if I was wrong in posting him out of the place. Are we still going to be falsie and angry over something that happened 10 years ago.”


He said, “We need to forget the past. This is a a new day. Are we committing sin by reaching the people everywhere? What if I did not allow that ex-deeper life pastor to get involved in the programme? We could have lost many souls. In a new day you can’t say not so Lord. You will miss out on the plan of God.”





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Apostle Godwin A Adis May 3, 2019 - 6:08 pm

I love this,.

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Christian ministries Nigeria August 20, 2020 - 2:30 pm

I am touched by this sir. This is very educative. Thank you sir.

Church Times August 31, 2020 - 9:36 pm

thanks bro


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