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Emotions as Apostle Suleiman meets old friend…recalls his days of lack

by Church Times

Apostle Johnson Suleiman


Johnson Suleiman



Emotion was let loose recently during a service at the Omega Fire Ministry in Auchi, Edo State when Apostle Johnson Suleiman spotted one of his old friends in the congregation and publicly identified with him.

The man who was called Piro (Peter) was Suleiman’s bosom friend as far back as 1996 when things were so rough for the two of them.

Suleiman said to the congregation that “it is foolishness not to identify with your old friends”

He said his friend (Peter), who attempted to kneel for him but was immediately stopped was a great ally.

“I used to preach for him. We ate together in the same pot and prayed together. Then there was nothing. We would drink garri together, drag meat together. But we thank God for what he is doing now.”

The man who came from Bayelsa to worship in the church said of Suleiman, “I am not surprised by what I see. If it had been the other way I would have been surprised. Apostle Suleiman was a man God built a praying machine inside. I remember a time when about four of us were praying and the prayer went on for hours. After about six hours of praying two of us went to sleep leaving me and apostle to continue the prayer. After the ninth hour I also slept. At about the 12th hour I woke up and saw him praying. It was as if he was just starting the prayer.”

Corroborating his submission, Suleiman said, “In those days my mother would advise anybody coming to stay with me to bring their provision because I was not used to eating. My pot was always clean. I always fasted. Food usually go rotten in the house.”

Suleiman said further that he once prayed for 40 days going round the town of Auchi praying and binding demonic forces. “Sometimes when I see some young men come to town wanting to start church and play games I laugh. They don’t know there are forces that have to be dealt with before impact is possible.”

When Suleiman got to know that his friend came by public transport from Bayelsa and that he had  no car, he said, “So you don’t have a car? Your own don better now. Even if I have two cars we will share it. We have suffered together. In those days I remember he was the one who used to give me transport. There is no way I can forget a man like this”

Apostle Suleiman then declared that he was looking for his old friends noting that many of them are afraid to come near him. “Those who are coming around are coming to enjoy. They don’t know how we started.” He said, urging his old friend whom he called Piro consistently to wait so they could see.



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