Home News Court cases concerning me in Ukraine not totally closed- Sunday Adelaja

Court cases concerning me in Ukraine not totally closed- Sunday Adelaja

by Church Times

Court cases concerning me, not totally closed-Adelaja

 Video of Sunday Adelaja and wife in Brazil hotel savouring air of freedom 

Sunday Adelaja, Nigerian born pastor of Embassy of Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations in Kiev, Ukraine, has said the court cases against him in Ukraine have not been completely closed stating that he would still go back to Ukraine to see to the end of the cases.

He said he was allowed by the authorities to breathe air of freedom after 11 years of being restricted to Ukraine adding however that he would still have to go back to Ukraine to see to the end of the lawsuits.


Sunday Adelaja and wife

Adelaja made this disclosure while holidaying in Brazil with his wife, Bose on August 2.

In a video showing him and his wife in Brazil, Adelaja said his visit to Brazil has been a shocking positive experience.

Apparently buoyed by his new found freedom, the embattled pastor and his wife walked freely around the hotel and the beach close to the hotel while also making some positive comments about the beautiful Brazilian landscape.

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Adelaja said the Brazil experience has challenged him to believe that Nigeria could be great again.

He said in the video, “This has really challenged me to make my Nigeria project a possibility. I know where Brazil is coming from. I know we will be able to make a positive change in Nigeria. Brazil offers an amazing experience. If Brazil could be turned around, I believe Nigeria could be turned around.”

His wife, Bose, says Nigeria has a lot in common with Brazil. “I see a lot of creativity in Brazil. How they are able to make money from their natural resources. It is an educative moment for me. I believe by coming here my life will be better. It has been a well-deserved holiday and a surprise for me. I was not planning such a trip. We are truly resting well. After Brazil we will go back to work. I believe this phase of our lives will be used to make up for lost years.’

Court cases not totally closed

Sunday Adelaja however disclosed that their visit to Brazil was just a test visit outside Ukraine. He said, “We first went to Dubai. We are not thinking of coming to Nigeria for now. The court cases in Ukraine are not totally closed yet. We are going back to Ukraine to continue the fight and to see the end of the lawsuits and after that we will be able to think about Nigeria.”

He said “it has been really nice to meet some great people in Brazil. We have not been bogged down with preaching work. They have given us our space and allowed us to rest. We will get back to the regular schedule of work soon.”


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