Copeland defends “demonic” comments on why he does not use commercial plane

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Copeland: Why I said I can’t get into a tube with a bunch of demons


 American televangelist and charismatic prosperity preacher, Kenneth Copeland has defended his “demonic” comments on why he detest using commercial airlines for his evangelical trips.

Copeland: Why I said I can’t get into a tube with a bunch of demons

Copeland was quoted to have said “he does not like getting into a tube with a bunch of demons.” But he explained in an interview with Inside Edition, an American television newsmagazine that he did not mean to call people demons by using that expression.


The Inside Edition interview which has since gone viral showed Copeland, 83 in the interview with a young lady, defending his comments saying what he said had nothing to do with people. “Jesus loves people. He died for people. We do not fight against principalities and powers but against spiritual wickedness in the high places’ he said.


When the reporter pressed hard to find out why he used those words, he became agitated explaining that he could not imagine himself in the plane with people with deviant behavior who perhaps would distract him while preparing a message. “that doesn’t look nice” he said adding that he also does not take commercial planes because he would have to stop 65 percent of what he does.


“I spent a lot of time on the airlines. The main reason was that I could no longer do what I was called to do when I get on the commercial airline.”


He recalled an experience where he had to preach in Nigeria and also be in Jerusalem for an important programme.


“I had prayed about it and I knew God wanted me to be in Jerusalem shortly after my mission in Nigeria. That could not have been done with a commercial airline. With my private jet we flew for 70 hours in 21 days over 40000 miles and touched five continents. We were able to preach to 125000 people face to face. As at the last count the Lord has used us to bring about 122 million people to Christ.”


Describing himself as a wealthy man Copeland said, “My wealth does not come from offerings alone. I have a lot of natural gas on our property. You can’t have that and be broke”


He said further that people have misconceptions about wealth thinking that Jesus was against the wealthy when he said it will be easier for a Carmel to pass through the eye of a needle than for the rich man to enter heaven. His words, “They are wrong. It’s a misunderstanding of the Bible. Jesus said with God all things are possible. If you read down that scripture you will find out that what Jesus was against is in the trusting of wealth.


Copeland said further, “If you go to the old covenant do you think the Jewish people think you should be broke? They have the blessing of Abraham. He was extremely wealthy. He had a covenant with God. I studied that. I get excited talking about that. I had to learn from the Bible and from Oral Roberts my mentor. Abraham was a wealthy man. Gal 3 tells us if you belong to Christ then you are Abraham’s seed and heirs to his promise and his promise is great wealth.”


On preachers who are against ostentatious lifestyle he said, “I love them with all my hearts. But when you go back to the Bible it is full of wealth, miracles, signs and wonders.”

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Story by Gbenga Osinaike

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