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clement Adeyi

“Our goal in Maximum Communications is to help products and services get patronage”

by Church Times

The Chief Executive Officer of Maximum Communications, Mr. Clement Adeyi has said the primary goal of the organization is to help brands, products, and services that have value get to the intended market.

Adeyi in an interview with Church Times observed that there are too many products and services that are of great value but get little patronage.

“Our goal is to bring these products and services to the doorsteps of the would-be buyers. There is a lot of disconnect between the buyers and the producers of goods and services. In Maximum Communications, we help products to reach their market at a bearable cost by leveraging on the media effectively.”

According to Adeyi many people have not been able to optimize their potential because they lack access to good media and communications cum PR tool. “Maximum Communications, a discreet media agency that bridges the gap between brands and their prospective consumers, is on call to assuage these plights.

 “The agency is designed to assist clients in driving their brand management, media relations/PR concerns with optimum satisfaction. It is a brand management outfit with the capacity to deploy strategies that assist clients in projecting them to the public to attract reasonable patronage.

Adeyi a journalist by training who had worked in a number of media organization said his company has expertise in brand management, biography writing, book publishing, book review, advertising, political campaigns, research, media relations, social development advocacy, and consultancy services.

He said further that the organisation’s clients include private individuals, companies, and organizations. “Based on the needs of our clients, we use our proven professional acumen in media and communications strategies to help build their profiles, promote their products and brands, protect their image and showcase them to expected audiences. We also help individuals seeking to protect both themselves and their families from bad press as well as companies looking to raise their public profiles.”

On how they are able to achieve these goals he said, “We listen to and understand the goals of our clients and design targets to meet them. We have versatile professional media and communications experts on call to handle brand management and public relations. This guarantees clients access to platforms to showcase their products to be able to drive and or attract patronage.”

Clement Adeyi could be reached on 08024308538, 08106669214

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