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Babalola won’t like to be deified-CAC President, says, “Many have no business celebrating Christmas”

by Church Times

By Abraham Oladipupo, Ibadan


The President of the Christ Apostolic Church, Pastor Samuel Oladele has taken a swipe at those who tend to deify the founding General Evangelist of the Church, Joseph Ayo Babalola saying, the late charismatic patriarch would not like to be deified.

Oladele made the observation on Friday, December 10 at the 2021 edition of the Church’s Christmas carol, tagged, Christmas carol of nine lessons.

At the event, which was held at the All Saints Chapel in the Church’s secretariat, Ibadan, Oladele also noted that many have no business with Christmas celebration.


Carol in Session at the CAC All Saints Chapel

We don’t deify Babalola

On Babalola, the CAC president said though Apostle Babalola has a great name which is symbolic in CAC, the church will never deify him as this will not gladden his heart.

“When people mention his name while praying, I don’t think they are implying that if the name is not attached to their request God will not answer. People should have that understanding. God will surely answer prayers without the name Babalola being mentioned.

“But then, we refer to God as God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob because of what these people stood for and did. Our watchword says “he is the God of our fathers and he is still going to be our God today.”

He explained that mentioning Babalola’s name while praying does not translate to deifying him.  And people should not deify him.

“We are not deifying Babalola and He (Babalola) won’t want to be worshiped by anyone. What we are saying when we call his name is that God who answered his prayers in those days can do the same today. There is nothing more.”.

Many have no business with Christmas

Oladele read from the book of Matthew Chapter 2 verse 1. He spoke on the topic “the birth of Jesus in the days of Herod”

He noted that many have no business celebrating the birth of Jesus.

“It doesn’t make any sense to celebrate the birth of someone you have not met or have close contact with. Christmas is not about food, drinks, and good clothes. Let everyone who is celebrating Christmas all over the world today know this that you have no business celebrating whom you don’t have a relationship with.”.

The Bible teacher noted that the essence of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ who came to deliver us from sin.

“There was nothing else that God could do to show His love and save the world. He had to come in human form and die for us on the cruel cross of Calvary. That is what we celebrate, the Love of God”.

On the impact of the church in the world, the cleric noted that the church has not and cannot fail because the church remains the light and the salt of the world.

“Nigeria is live-able today because of the presence of Christians in the country. When Christ comes and takes the church away there will be real chaos, a catastrophe that has never been witnessed. It is because of Christians that we are still able to live in this country. Kings and kingdom will come and go but the church of Christ will remain”.

CAC unity

The cleric said progress is being made on the unity of the CAC worldwide. “We are yet to get to the end of the tunnel but there’s hope. We are going to get united. And when we become united a great revival will break out. There will then be no hiding place for anybody that wants to use the name of the church without joining the church”.

Pastor Oladele also assured that the nation would overcome the seemingly insurmountable security challenges  He added however that things would only get better when God is given His rightful place in the nation.

Security will improve

He expressed optimism that the security situation in Nigeria would improve noting that once we give God the lead the security situation would get better.

“Our hope is not in any political party. The present government came on the mantra of change and this is the change we are witnessing.  Our hope is in God, not any man. He is the one that rules in the affairs of men. He will intervene and this too shall pass. We keep on hoping because our hope is in him and not any political party. There is hope for Nigeria”.

“No matter how bad the situation is today, Christ can still be born in the heart of people who are perpetrating evil”.

Christmas not party time-Alawode

Chairperson of the planning committee and the Director of Publicity for the church, Pastor Ademisoye Alawode said at the event that Christmas is not a time to party but to ensure that the birth of Christ is real in people.

On the debate that December 25th is not the exact date of Jesus’ birth, Pastor Alawode said the Church has continued to maintain the stand that Christ must be born in us every day of the year.

“If we choose a particular day to celebrate his birth, we have fulfilled part of our own desire to celebrate him. No matter the date we chose we are still in line”.


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