CAC Hezekiah Oladeji holds praise night of 2500 trumpeters says, ” Nigeria’s idolatry of Festac 77 is forgiven”

Bob Fitts, Bola Are, Adelakun to grace event

by Church Times

General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji has said about 2500 trumpeters will grace the Lagos edition of the National Praise programme of his ministry CAC Canaanland. The event will hold on Friday, January 13 from 4 pm at the Tafawa Balewa Square.

Oladeji gave hint about the programme at a well-attended press briefing in Lagos on Thursday, January 12.

The programme will attract people from different denominations and races. It will be streamed on various social media platforms.



Bob Fitts to grace event

An international gospel artist, Bob Fitts is already in the country to be part of the epoch-making event. Bob Fitts has been leading worship and writing songs since the 1970s.

His best-known song, Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty, made him get invitations from Integrity Music and Maranatha! Music for recording deals in 1988.  These cassettes and CDs, along with his own studio recordings opened the doors to many nations around the world. Bob’s 15th recording, ABUNDANT, was released in 2019 as a CD and digital download.

Oladeji said he had not met Bob Fitts but that the Lord said he must be part of the event. “God told me I had to invite Bob Fitts. But I had never met him and I don’t know him. I said to the Lord that he had to help me facilitate his coming. And that is what happened. As we speak he is already in the country and would be part of the national praise on Friday, January 13.

Many other Nigerian gospel music ministers like evangelist Bola Are and Evangelist Adelakun of the Ayewa fame are expected at the one-day event.

Oladeji said the Lord told him to hold the praise event as a way of thanking God for what the Lord has been doing in Nigeria.

The CAC evangelist said God works in mysterious ways. ‘ When the children of Israel were faced with a war situation he asked them to sing praises to him. He told Jehosphaat to get praise singers to the battlefront. When the people were praising God, the enemies of God”s people were destroying themselves. That is what praise can do. ”

He said the night of praise is a symbolic gesture to show forth the goodness of God. The first edition of the event took place in Abuja, Lagos edition will hold tomorrow while the third national praise will hold at ikeji Arakreji where the late Ayo Babalola was called by God. The fourth one which will be the last one will hold at Edun Abon, Ile Ife in Osun state. hometown of Evangelist Oladeji.

On insinuations that Nigeria is suffering from the sin of idolatry of 1977 when it hosted the Festival of Arts and Culture, Oladeji said, “The yoke of that idolatrous event has been broken. Nigeria is no longer suffering from that sin. God has forgiven us. We only need to praise him more and surrender our hearts to him.

He expressed confidence that Nigeria will overcome its challenges. According to him, “There is no country as blessed as Nigeria. ‘When God arises the problem of Nigeria will evaporate. We need God at this moment in Nigeria. We should not be afraid. We should be confident that God is greater than the troublers’ of this country.’

He warned young people not to yield themselves as instruments of violence and disruption in the hands of politicians. : Many of these politicians don’t value you beyond your role in doing dirty jobs for them. If anything happens to you, you are on your own. They may not even check you in the hospital. So why allow them to use you for their dirty jobs.’ he said.

On the 2500. trumpeters that will minister at the event, he said, “Their impact is better imagined. It will make a lot of difference that will ignite change in Nigeria..’ Some people have experienced 100 and 200. trumpeters minister at the same time. The presence of 2500 trumpeters will certainly be a lifetime experience for participants. It’s going to be an awesome night.  After the event, the story of Nigeria will change.”

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