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Agu Irukwu: Why I resigned from my national and international positions in RCCG

by Church Times

 Pastor Agu Irukwu who recently resigned from his National and international positions in the Redeemed Christian Church of God as reported by Church Times has explained why he resigned from those positions in a recent Facebook broadcast monitored by Church Times

In the video broadcast which is on the Jesus House Facebook page, Irukwu said the decision was an outcome of a retreat that he had with the Lord adding also that his decision was a fulfillment of prophecy and what God had been taking him through in the last few months.

Irukwu who was visibly excited while making the broadcast said, “The joy of prophetic words is when it comes to past. A few months ago, the Lord gave us an exciting prophetic word from Isaiah 43v18 and 19. God was encouraging us to forget the former things and embrace new things.”

He said while he was encouraging people to embrace these words, he was also going through it saying he had to share his experience because of those who had been part of his ministry.

He stated, “I went away for a retreat and the Lord spoke clearly to me that certain parts of ministry which I had served for years, some of them for more than 20 years; that I will have to step away from those aspects of ministry and move away or hand over my responsibilities in all my national and international positions. And of course, I am passionate about the RCCG. I have served there all my life literally since I gave my life to Christ.

“I have enjoyed those positions, some of them which are high up in our Church family.  I wrestled with the instruction. Was it really God.?  Why will God be asking me to take such a drastic decision? I asked the Lord what will I do with myself. But I came to the conclusion that it was God. I am absolutely grateful for my wife who has been solid and standing by me. I am grateful for the General Overseer for the role he has been playing over me”

While thanking those who had been with him all through ministry, he said he had a conversation with the General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye who also prayed along with him and agreed with him that he would release him from the responsibilities.

He said that was what informed his stepping down from his position as Deputy Continental Overseer of Europe, Special Assistant to the G.O, Chairman of RCCG UK, Chairman of Board of Trustees, and Chairman of the Regional Board.

Irukwu said his decision has now enabled him to step into what God wants him to do. He said, “Now I can now step into what God wants me to do. Of course, I am still the Senior Pastor of Jesus House. Now part of what is exciting me about this is that what I had helped built stands strong” adding that Pastor Leke Sanusi whom he suggested to take over from him was the person Pastor Adeboye also suggested after he had prayed.

Describing Pastor Leke Sanusi in glowing terms, he said, he has an amazing relationship with him. “Pastor Leke Sanusi will have my 101 percent support. I will be behind him and support him as the new Chairman of the RCCG UK” he promised.

For now, he said he would be spending more time with the Lord in prayer for revival in the UK. He said he was looking forward to creating new structures, new wine skin that will engender a new beginning, and serving the Body of Christ in the UK.

“I believe this next stage promises to be the most exciting in my life. My wife says to me she has not seen me this excited in years. But I say to her I have been this excited maybe since the early days of the movement I was involved in within our church that we call Apapa Family,” said Pastor Irukwu

He expressed hope that his listeners will have the boldness to step on water in the sense of entering new territories and allowing God to express new things through them.

He said he was looking forward to working with Pastor Sanusi while thanking all those who have been with him in the journey of faith.

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