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My experience day I went to visit TB Joshua long before his death-Bishop Odeleke

by Church Times
Bishop Odeleke

Bishop Bola Odeleke

Founder of Power Pentecostal Church also known as Kiibati, Bishop Bola Odeleke has opened up on her experience of Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua recalling the day she went to visit him at the Ikotun, Lagos headquarters of the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Odeleke made the revelation in a recent interview with Asabe Afrika, an online television while reacting to claims made by Bisola Hephzibah in her book on T.B. Joshua .

Hephzibah had mentioned Bishop Odeleke’s name along with one Rev Pius who was married to Odeleke in the book, titled, The TB Joshua I know: Deception of the Age unmasked

But Bishop Odeleke said she had always had inconclusive views about the source of TB Joshua’s power when his matter was brought up at meetings of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.

She said, “I recalled one of the PFN meetings where the Late Archbishop  Benson Idahosa was present and Bishop David Oyedepo. I told them we can’t afford to continue to discuss T.B. Joshua in our meetings. I advised then that we should concentrate on internal issues about the fellowship.”

She however recalled that after meeting Rev Pius, her estranged husband, the opportunity came for her to see Prophet Joshua. “When I met Pius, he told me he knew T.B. Joshua. I was excited. I now told him that I would like to meet T.B. Joshua. He promised to take me to him.”

Recalling the day she went to Prophet Joshua, she said, “That day I got to the church I was in the auditorium and asked to see him. Unknown to me, he had seen me through the CCTV camera. He was eating when he saw me. He left the food and ran down to meet me.

“He prostrated and greeted me. I was carried away by his humility. I said even the devil is not this humble. We now got talking. I told him, people say you are from the devil. I said why will you give yourself to the devil when God can give you power. I did not know how to hide my feelings about him.”

Joshua pulled his cloths

Odeleke now in her 70s said Prophet Joshua was a bit taken aback by the accusation. “When I accused him, he politely said what people were saying is not true. He said I should not worry. He took me to his office. He was using a small office then.

“He pulled his cloth and was left with his pants and asked if I see any incision on him or charm. I did not see anything. He also took me to his house and to the prayer mountain to see if there is any charm around. I did not see anything. So I could not form an opinion about him. Nobody can say I ever asked them to pray for or against TB Joshua.”

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I can’t judge TB Joshua

She expressed surprise at what Hephzibah wrote about TB Joshua wondering at her experience in the Synagogue. “Whatever she said is not for me to judge. The beauty is that God has delivered me from Rev Pius that she mentioned in the book. Whatever Prophet Joshua and Pius did is now a thing of the past. God has vindicated me. I have learnt my lesson.”

Hephzibah had said in her book that Prophet Joshua knew about how Pius was manipulating Bishop Odeleke.

But Odeleke insisted there is nothing to talk about Prophet Joshua. “I don’t talk about ministers of God. We may say God did not call him, what if God called him? I am neither God nor the devil so I don’t know how he got his power.

“I have experienced God enough to know that I should not talk about somebody who claims he is being used of God. He has died, I can’t judge him. There is nothing to talk about him again.”

Experience with Pius and Salawu

Bishop Odeleke with Joshua

General Lasun Odeleke, first husband of Bishop Odeleke

On her experience with Rev Salawu and Rev Pius who allegedly derailed her journey in life, she said, “I was the one who allowed those people to mess around with me.

“If I did not allow them, they won’t do what they did to me. I was really vulnerable because of my interest in people. I love people generally. I don’t want to be a source of sorrow for anybody. People took advantage of my vulnerability and the love I radiate.”

She disclosed that she was working on a voluminous book that would detail her experience. “I will do a voluminous book on my experience in life generally. Only a few people would go through what I went through and survive. I have not only survived. But I am back on track,” she said.

Odeleke’s first husband,  General Lasun Odeleke died in an accident while he was travelling to Abuja in his official car on November 20, 1990. He was a member of the Provincial Ruling Council during the regime of President Ibrahim Babangida

Her husband’s death prompted her to remarry. Unfortunately, the two marriages to Rev Salawu and Rev Pius after her husband’s demise crashed.

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